Wednesday, June 21, 2006

what a feeling...

Tonight's mindless film to facilitate knitting was "Flashdance."

I'd have preferred "Fame" but here in slum-tv land, we take what we can get.

Feeling utterly despondent, and suspecting 80% of that feeling had to do with my body, I went to yoga tonight, which did me a world of good, in the opening up the chakra department. I have grown very lazy, the past couple of months, moving only as much as I have to, and not making any effort to exercise, watch what I eat, or drink enough water. As a result, my skin looks blotchy, I'm carrying 5 pounds that didn't used to live around my middle, and I'm just stuck. Believing that everything's connected, I am looking for the one little piece to chip away at, to motivate myself to give a flying damn again. My life is weird right now, and I'm swimming around in a free-floating depression. You know when I'm eating Vietnamese food, knitting wool and watching "Flashdance" in mid-June, in freakin' Hawaii that there's some serious need for balancing, grounding and realignment.

Enter Litha, the summer solstice. Tomorrow. Which I plan to celebrate in fine fashion, with a swim in the ocean at dawn. Things will get better, I know.


Acornbud said...

I'm thinking I recognize that cranberry sisik. And, there's a poodle on this blog. Hope so. Are you going to mocha java tomorrow?

mysticalfeet said...

I am planning on it! Maybe I'll have done something to speak of on sleeve 2. I'm in a slump.