Tuesday, June 13, 2006

linkety link

Eating vanilla lite ice cream, with powdered instant coffee on it, and playing with this template. I'm going to devote a few entries to links, and pimping the pages of blogs and diaries I like, as I add them.

First up, Chelsea, who writes and knits and paganizes and comments on her comments. Go give her some love! She is the source of the aforementioned green cotton angora yarn that's laying around waiting for me to slog through some of my other UFO's...

Another site I read regularly, is Yarnstorm. This writer lives in England, and creates absolutely beautiful things, thus adding to my long-held and probably waay misconceived belief that Life is Better in Britain. Still, I'm there, every day, and I'm loving her pix, her writing and her inspirations.

My absolute favorite online journal (as opposed to knitblog or any kind of blog) is that of Melissa Ray Davis, Awakened. She writes so eloquently of her life and beliefs that she is an inspiration to me, both in writing and in her efforts to live simply, stepping apart from this culture. She does not update as often as I'd like, but her entries are well worth the wait, and she has a notify list.

I just nearly lost this post, bouncing around from window to window on this laptop, which closes Firefox w/o warning at times, so I'm gonna quit whilst ahead. I'll add these links and talk some more about reads tomorrow! Meanwhile, enjoy!


wildeyez said...

I like your new digs! Please let me know if you decide to stay here. Cricket is adorable, by the way! Stephanie (http://yaketyyak.diaryland.com)

mysticalfeet said...

Stephanie, I'm here for good, I'm pretty sure.