Sunday, July 18, 2010

summer whirlwind

The goodies from the latest Soap and Dishcloth Swap on Ravelry. My swapper, Sillyghirl was most generous, and she made the soap herself!!

I've just returned from 2 weeks of road tripping up to VA. Enjoyable, though for the most part, I got no break from the East Coast's infernal heat and humidity. It is one long, hot summer, here in the Urban Forest. Even as I write this, we are enjoying prodigious claps of thunder and oh man, is it ever muggy out! You know me...I love to comment on the weather.

I guess the biggest news on the horizon is the news that I've found a job for the upcoming school year. In my travels to the Land of No Internets (aka my mom's house) I was running off to the public library every day or so to borrow their wi-fi so I could apply for jobs online. Feeling sorry for myself, as I didn't feel like I was in a very good space to submit these applications - total vacation mode, sloooowww internets, little time to give to it, etc. But upon my return to GA, I got a call from a principal who asked me to come in for an interview for a math specialist position. The posting had classified this as a part time job, but in the interview, it came out that it was indeed a full-time job, and I got it!! Yeah-baby, good interview (I love panel're always guaranteed to connect with one person in the room, that way)and the only one I've gotten called for this summer. I went to it thinking that I was rusty, and no matter what happened, it was good practice. So, I'm continuing to ride this math train, one I'm rapidly feeling better about, since I would never have said I was a "math person" whatever that is. I like teaching math, though, and am always kind of surprised by teachers who don't think it's fun. I mean I may be counting on my fingers and toes and using a calculator to balance my checkbook, but I can teach the stuff. So now there's a lot less time to lay around and knit and surf the internet, but there's money that'll be coming in and not a minute too soon. And did I mention that I have to be back at work on August 5?! That seems just crazy, but GA schools get out for summer in mid May, so my summer of non-job angst is only gonna last 3 more weeks. ugh. Time to start sucking the marrow out of life.

Been knitting, but finishing nothing. More on that in another entry. I seem to be stuck on Sleeve Island with CPH, and everything else is just in a nebulous state of nonfinishment. I know sustained effort is the base of FO's, and I've been too distracted for this, but I guess I'm working something out here. Leave me be! My promised NO MORE STARTING STUFF period has been adhered to, in spite of the siren call of such goodies as Citron, Garter Yoke Cardigan and another Swallowtail...

Cooking is going somewhat better. With all the summer produce rolling into the markets, I've been eating well and cooking a lot. We've been through the blueberries, with the resulting cobblers, smoothies and pancakes, seen here in an undressed state: and now we're on the peach binge, with homemade peach ice cream coming up this evening. There's the basil bounty coming up, and even a few local, ugly-but-delicious heirloom tomatoes.