Monday, May 18, 2009

k-brow: feed the fangirl

In light of the fact that I have no current photos to post, here's one from Christmas, when P and I went to a strange little town out in West Virginia, on a drive. Most of the stores were closed, alas. Because there were some incredible antique/junk shops in the area. I think the place was White Sulphur Springs? Somewhere just across the VA border. Anyway, a purple pimp hat, and a reflection of P, reflecting on such things.

Utterly lacking in mojo of any kind, I found myself making yarncakes this evening from all my laceweight. Sometimes it gets me knitting. Tonight...not so much. The Schaefer Anne is a mean bitch to roll. It tangles up and catches on itself in the swift, and I did my share of growling and cussing as I wound it. Still, it's pretty, even if it doesn't send me rushing for my needles. It's been a sort of lost weekend, with Speech Festival and a whole lot of sleep. I did bathe and clip the dogs, but for the most part, I've been in some sort of low-key hibernation. I don't understand it, but hope it passes soon.

We closed on the Atomic Ranch, and P is camping out in it this weekend. Says it's very quiet and peaceful and green, there in the urban forest. I can't wait. Alas, there's 6 weeks of contracting, building, cleaning, painting and packing in store for me, before I get that pleasure. Gotta somehow find the wherewithal to pull out of my personal stuckness.

Acornbud and I went to see the new Star Trek movie, on Tuesday, at the IMAX theater. Now I have always been fond of the series (in all its incarnations) from way back, though it usually takes a back seat to my more modern sci-fi obsessions like Battlestar Galactica. But a re-imagined and rebooted version of the series has set my not-so-inner fangirl all a-flutter once more. Okay, I think the villain, Nero, could've been a bit scarier, but the conflicted Spock was spot on, and Kirk was obnoxiously pleasing with his swagger and daddy complex. I am happy, and no doubt will see this film again. Gotta feed the fangirl.

My current favorite beach, again, that nameless Windward side park, with a long curve of sand, and a sweet little bay.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

k-brow: response

Thank you for the nice comments on Must Have, and the congratulations on the house. I'm very happy about both!

Must Have was knitted from Paton's Street Smart booklet, from 6 skeins of Paton's Classic Merino in Dark Natural Mix. I used US 6 and 7 needles. It was not a hard knit, if one knows how to do cables, but it definitely took some concentration. The charts for this pattern suck eggs, but the written directions for the cabling are excellent.

I prefer charts for lace, but written descriptions for cables, I think.

Here's an outside shot of the house, and its cool roofline. It's a tri-level, with lots of woods out back.

Vog continues here; stinging eyes and sore throat. I'm actually thinking of not running the dogs this eve, just because of the ickiness; it must be affecting them, too. I will hang out with them outside, though and let them poke around in the woods so they feel like they've gotten some kind of workout.

Star Trek, the Movie is out. I'm antsy to see it. But P is in moral dilemna is whether or not to sneak out and see it on my own, or with geeky friends here (Acornbud? Did you read this?) or hold out til he comes home...though he may be seeing it in Atlanta as I write this. Arrgh. The trials of the long distance marriage are already kicking in...amor de lejos es para pendejos...

The weekend is shaping up, nicely. Some knitting tonight at Mocha Java, and some more knitting at Bluewater Grill in Kahala Saturday. The Pet Expo at the Blaisdell Center all weekend - shopping for dog toys and hanging out with agility friends. Some pre-packing, some mousetrapping, The Tudors, the requisite beach time...I'm just looking forward to the good mix of downtime, social fun and no work to speak of.

k-brow: little update

So yeah, I finished Must Have. Must Have taken me a lifetime to do it. But it is warm and cozy and pretty and I am pleased with myself over this.

It still doesn't have buttons, though, because in spite of being the woman with a grillion buttons, I don't exactly have a bunch o' matching ones. I sorted all my buttons out, a couple weeks ago, searching for the magical seven that would transform this sweater into a Fully Finished Object. Nah. But I did have fun admiring the spoils of my grandma's button box and several yard sales.

It's been so long since I've posted that quite a bit has happened that I should probably catch you up on. First (well, in my mind, anyway) I've been sick. Off and on since mid-March. A flu, an eye inflammation, just endless exhaustion. I think my life has gotten way too complicated, trying to teach and figure out this move at the same time. I've been pretty gentle with myself, though, and am coming out of it, I guess.

In the meantime, with our ranch house in Atlanta, there proved to be so many complications, triggered by the home inspection and our recalcitrant sellers, that we terminated the contract. Sad, too, until we found out that the Modern was back on the market. So we made our original offer again, and it was accepted. So now it's the Atomic Ranch, again, and I'm happy, though trying to see the lesson in all this; this falling in love with a house, losing it, letting go, bouncing back, and then getting what I wanted all along. Always with the analysis of attachments, yeah? We close on the house in about 10 days. P will attend, I am here in HI, which has turned nice and sunny, with a whopping dose of vog, which I guess isn't really nice.

Beltane came and went. Celebrated in low-key fashion, as is my custom. But a pretty altar.

I had all kinds of things to say here, but they seem to have dissolved. I should probably post more often.