Thursday, May 07, 2009

k-brow: response

Thank you for the nice comments on Must Have, and the congratulations on the house. I'm very happy about both!

Must Have was knitted from Paton's Street Smart booklet, from 6 skeins of Paton's Classic Merino in Dark Natural Mix. I used US 6 and 7 needles. It was not a hard knit, if one knows how to do cables, but it definitely took some concentration. The charts for this pattern suck eggs, but the written directions for the cabling are excellent.

I prefer charts for lace, but written descriptions for cables, I think.

Here's an outside shot of the house, and its cool roofline. It's a tri-level, with lots of woods out back.

Vog continues here; stinging eyes and sore throat. I'm actually thinking of not running the dogs this eve, just because of the ickiness; it must be affecting them, too. I will hang out with them outside, though and let them poke around in the woods so they feel like they've gotten some kind of workout.

Star Trek, the Movie is out. I'm antsy to see it. But P is in moral dilemna is whether or not to sneak out and see it on my own, or with geeky friends here (Acornbud? Did you read this?) or hold out til he comes home...though he may be seeing it in Atlanta as I write this. Arrgh. The trials of the long distance marriage are already kicking in...amor de lejos es para pendejos...

The weekend is shaping up, nicely. Some knitting tonight at Mocha Java, and some more knitting at Bluewater Grill in Kahala Saturday. The Pet Expo at the Blaisdell Center all weekend - shopping for dog toys and hanging out with agility friends. Some pre-packing, some mousetrapping, The Tudors, the requisite beach time...I'm just looking forward to the good mix of downtime, social fun and no work to speak of.


Acornbud said...

I was hoping the vog would blow away already. I would love to see Star Trek. Holler if you wanna go.

Opal said...

the house looks great!

can you believe it was 88F here today? what happened to spring? despite that i had a great time. thanks for coming out to this neck of the woods. :)

k-brow said...

It's much nicer in Nuuanu, I was struck by how hot it was on the drive home from Hawaii Kai, and collapsed in my breezy bedroom upon arrival home.

I had fun with you guys, as usual, today. We need to do this more often.

gay said...

congrats the house looks lovely and so does the sweater. i prefer not to have to deal with charts at all! hate them.

Mokihana said...

The setting for your new home looks fabulous! Can't wait to see some interior shots too.

How did you find the house? Through an online search?

I think Nu'uanu will be sad when you leave...