Tuesday, January 09, 2007

spinning out

I am in deep denial that my winter vacation's almost petered out. One thing about having 10 days of guest, is that you don't get much done, and it was a vacation that I was supposed to use to get my life back in order. Is that a fondly harbored fantasy or what? Hehhhh....

But this morning I did deep clean my bathroom, and re-organize my altar/shrine in the bedroom. I did a tarot reading for myself, and without going into too much detail, the cards look good, optimistic, in the clarity-creativity-fun realm. Always good news. I seldom do full-on readings for myself, as I think too much of a good thing can lead to analysis paralysis. I try to draw a card a day, though, if only to keep me reading the cards.

I am reading an outstanding book, Stephen King's latest novel, "Lisey's Story", which is kind of a departure for him; the story of a widow, a marriage, the way one spouse carries another in their consciousness. Of course it's a little scary, supernatural, of course there's King's inventiveness with language and funky way of weaving a story in and around and through itself until you have to put the book down and do some digesting, some recapping to understand what's going on there. But he breaks the novel down into little vignettes within chapters, within books, so it lends itself to re-reading and that digestive process. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, it's delicious in the way that "The Dead Zone" and "Salem's Lot" were, rather than the toil of "The Stand" and that whole "Dark Tower" series. Which I liked, by the way, it just was more work, whereas the two former books just grabbed me by the hand and dragged me down their totally weird paths. I go for years without reading King, but then occasionally I feel the need to re-visit Castle Rock. P boastfully claims to never have read even one page of one book of his. I find that hard to believe, and wonder how one gets through high school, college, the Peace Corps, field work in the jungle and dozens of overseas youth hostels, bush taxi rides, and gritty backpacker hotels without succumbing to his creepy charms?

I have been doing a wee bit of spinning, thanks to Opal's assistance and tutelage. Here is a shot of my first spun and plied yarn, about 35 yards of Corriedale (the white) and gorgeous blue roving, spun up into this thick and thin yarn. No plans for it, but it pleases me, nevertheless.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Buddha and the beast

Taking a wee break from my catch up work of cleaning house, doing laundry, banking and getting myself back on keel, after my sister's riotous 10 days here. I had fully intended to document the hanging out, running around and general frolic, but it fell by the wayside. So here are a few pix to hold you over...

We have been finding giant centipedes in our house off and on, this winter. Ugh. I'm told their bite is quite painful, but have not experienced it personally. It's made me much more cautious about emptying my shoes out, and where I throw the dirty laundry. This one is nearly dead, and was found in the koa room, (note the beautiful, though rather scratched floor) and I pitched it outside. They are not aggressive, I just don't want them in the house.

The sibling rival and I went to the Valley of the Temples, which is this cemetary and monument on the windward side of the island. It is beautiful, with a huge replica of the Byodo-in temple in Kyoto. The day we went, it was cloudy and quiet, very peaceful and beautiful.

We went here on New Year's Day, and it inspired me to get out and visit more sacred sites, in the coming year.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year, 4 days in

Can I say "Happy New Year" after January 1?
I'm doing Acornbud's suggested New Year's meme here:

Things you learned this year
What island fever feels like.
That in your mid-forties, your body starts to store fat differently.
Cabling without a needle.

People you met
Technically, I met everyone I know here in 2005. No. I met the Akamai Knitter. I "met" Reya of Grace's Poppies, in blogland. See both in my links section. I met a whole slew of teachers, kids and parents. I met Cricket, with whom I've fallen irretrievably in love.

Things you don't want to take with you into 2007
Depression and paralysis.
That sable colored Lamb's Pride yarn I just gifted to my sister.

Things you want to hold close as you pass into 2007
Family and friends.
The habits and little things that make me inexplicably happy; the burning of incense, the cup of tea, the feel of my hands in the earth.

Things you're looking forward to in 2007
Reducing my yarn stash.
Leah's visit in Spring.
More spinning and fibery pursuits.

Things that were life changing in 2006
Acquiring a 2nd dog.
The joy of Thursdays with the Aloha Knitters.
Re-entry into the employed world.

Things you hope to accomplish by the end of 2007
Uh, world peace?
More peace for me.
A job I actually enjoy again.
Agility title for Ms Ella.
Completed UFO's.

In other news, my sister's visiting, which has provoked a whole lot of hanging out, talking, hilarity and running around enjoying the island. "Tasting the rainbow" as she puts it.