Sunday, November 03, 2013

i love november...

... and I just realized it. It might be that November is Georgia's answer to the Mid-Atlantic region's October, which is that area's answer to New England's September. But it has just hit me, the day after Samhain, (though I consider us still in Samhain's cycle, maybe, though this morning's eclipse may have blown that away, but that's another story for another time) that I love this quiet, cooling month of release and contemplation. Everything darkening, ever slowly winding down before the energetic bang of Yule. Weather here, not too bad, though definitely with a cold snap. Still some pretty color, and no chance of heat. Reduced mosquitos are a bonus.

 Frosty yard! 
Marigolds from Autrey Mill. These were appropriated for my Samhain altar. 

Fallen fungus: aptly named Turkeytails. 

We've had a frost, but only the one, and nothing too cold called for this upcoming week. I'm almost disappointed. I turned my heat on once last week, before I went off to Folk School, because I was sick, and it seemed that if I were warmer, I could maybe function better. Once I bounced back, the dial went down again. It came on automatically again, this morning, when the house temp went below 60. I didn't stop it, as it seemed the only way I was going to make it out of bed and to church...once up, I am fine. 

Some knitting of a bright orange brushed alpaca hat, and some Cricket walking and yardwork are going on today. The cooking of collard greens and cornbread round out my Soul Food Sunday meal. Later tonight, I am off to my beloved Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve, for some night sky viewing and a lecture/class given by a shamanic astrologer in the area. The weekend has shaped up splendidly.