Saturday, June 03, 2006

By way of welcome

I have been bouncing around the internets like a lost tennis ball, since the crash of Diary-X, the one that lost 6 years' worth of my writing; some of it to-do lists and crap, but some of it, nice essays on daily life and huge events in my own journey. Essentially, the 5 years I lived in Arlington were lost, since I didn't really keep a paper journal during that time. Ahh, well, spilled milk under the bridge, as they say. I am not one to wax sentimental over words missing, and like to imagine my snippets, documented adventures, wonderings and articles floating around in space, occasionally viewed by some search engine, marked by a "file not found" page, occasionally.

I have had this account for some time, here, because my girlfriend Lucy and I wanted, at one time, to start a knitting blog. But neither of us could get it together to post in it, and so it lay fallow. I am feeling the need to make something of it, these days, both to record my life's events again, as they pass by, and to be a little bit more creative, to place a tiny little toe into that great flowing river of knitting and crafting evolution that's going on in our culture, these days.

A little of who I am, for readers not following me from Oneiric and my transitory Livejournal account...I am a 45 year old woman, living in Hawaii, in a big, rambling house that's hidden from passers by, on a dead-end street. I am an elementary teacher by profession, a housewife at the moment, one who sews, trains dogs, knits, cooks, writes, and makes desultory stabs at cleaning and maintaining the household. I am prone to depression, homesickness for my native Virginia, bouts of creativity followed by the endless spinning of my wheels with little to show for it. I am pagan, by spiritual definition; I find god in nature and mark the passing seasons with ritual. I read tarot, grow herbs for ritual purposes, and generally believe in my own ability to ever so slightly influence minor turns of events. Some may call it prayer, I'd liken it more to pulling oneself up by the bootstraps. I am optimistic, whimsical and admire cottage industry.

So, welcome! Pull up an overstuffed chair, pour a cup of tea and stay awhile!

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