Tuesday, June 20, 2006

in a galaxy far away...

Some days later, I finally get back to you with the promised evidence that I do indeed knit a bit. I present to you, the loveliness of the Dale Sisik, a now-discontinued yarn, in some mystery cranberry red. Note the tweedy flecks in the yarn. These are not attached to the yarn with any security, and so constantly shed and flake off onto my clothes. I predict that this sweater will pill and shed like the dickens, but the Sisik is nice to knit, I like red clothing, and the pattern zips right along, once I get settled.

And a shot of what all this zipping along hath wrought:
Note the Denise needles in action. See the sharp pointy points? One cannot see the Hourglass shape that is described as "subtle shaping" and that I so hope will give me an hourglass figure. One sleeve attached and one on the way. I finally found some 12-inch #7 circs in my collection of needles, they actually fit the sleeve, and so I haven't monkeyed with dpns to make the sleeve. I kinda think I was knitting faster with the dpns, but the circs are less hassle.

I'm feeling less than 100% today, possibly due to my stubborn insistence that Taco Bell be dinner, a real binge, given that the makings for Potato-Kale soup were in the house. I will cook today. To go with the junk food binge I had a Star Wars binge, watching on cable "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith". Or was it "Return of the Sith?" "Revolt of the Sith" it shoulda been, given the trashy non-content and the accompanying foodstuffs. ugh. Hayden Christiansen is so bland, so blah. I do think he was cast simply because he can roll his eyes up into his head and give the demented sith lord-to-be expression that is so needed for theis picture to work. The film does feature my men Yoda, Obi-Wan and Mace Windu, though they are sadly driven off and diminished temporarily, as we know that good will triumph in the end. I'm not even gonna go into how Natalie Portman should be ashamed, as this movie seems to feature her wooden, less-than-luminous acting talents, as well. I generally like her, but this segue into teen angst, galaxy-style is so wrong. The hair and the ghastly plastic? metal? hair ornamentation was wrong, too. Ahhh, well, for Monday night knitting, Mexican Pizza and channel surfing, I can't ask for much more...

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