Monday, June 12, 2006

a puppy and a peek at my yarn stash

Do not let this face fool you. This is the face of trouble. This face is just looking for something inappropriate to get into, destroy, investigate, shred or simply eat, whether it is edible or not.Last night, Crickie caught a gecko and bit its tail off. He also has discovered the pleasures of cat chasing, and barking at the neighbors. I think Ella's been teaching him her evil ways. Nevertheless, from my sample size of two, he remains the easiest dog I've ever reared. He is willing, somewhat eager to please, and lower energy than was "Ms. I'm In Business For Myself."

Since this is called The Knitted Brow, I'm gonna share a shred of stash with you, for your viewing pleasure. It's by no means the complete stash, but it is a peek. I keep my knittng yarn stash in a 3-drawer dresser, where it fits snugly. this is one such drawer. So now for some highlights... At the top of the pix, you see a bag of Paton's Classic Merino, destined to be the Must-Have aran cardigan. In the middle is some sock yarn, green Koigu, purple Koigu, as well as some Lion Brand Imagine, in that heavenly blue mix. Some black Lion Brand Cotton-ease off to the left, and the vareigated browns/blues/greens of the Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Merino, which is part of Mirkwood Kiri, on the needles. The red is Dale Sisik, which is being made up into the Hourglass sweater, even as we speak. In the mix, you also see some Lily Sugar n' Cream, which is already a dishcloth, courtesy of my need to have a FO this week, and some blue ribbon yarn, which I am loathe to knit. There is also the red Lorna's Shepard Sock yarn, which I am loathe to knit, as well, because it will surely require a teeny tiny needle size, and I just can't bring myself to buy anything smaller than a #2 for knitting. There's also a skein of yellowish green cashmere mix in there. Not enough to do much with, but maybe a hat?

I have been very good, recently, about not buying yarn. That's not to say that I haven't added to my stash, as the lovely and generous Chelsea sent me 3 skeins of dark green Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora, which is destined to become Aibhlinn, which I have wanted to knit for a long time. The yarn is next-to-skin soft, and in an alluring pine green, so I'm putting that in the pipeline, too. Sorry no photos of it. It's in the next drawer down, in the dresser, and its time will come.

Today I am concentrating on the floors in my house, vacuuming, mopping and picking up. Cricket has a rash; we think it's puppy impetigo, but I'm thinking my grungy floors can't be helping him. Of course he is the king tracker of debris into the house, but lacking opposable thumbs, he can't run the vacuum, and so it falls upon me to help him out.


Chelsea said...

Oooh, pretty project for the yarn of giftiness! But is it ever cool enough there to wear such a thing?

So what! It's pretty and who cares. The tank top from the bulky yarn may end up too warm to wear, and I've come to terms with the possibility that I may have to frog the whole thing and find a new project for the soft fuzzy blueishness -- but we won't know til I'm done! Which I might be tonight, we'll see...

mysticalfeet said...

It'll never be warm enough to wear it here, except in movie theaters, and even that's pushing it. Still, someday, I'll live in another place, with winter's cold.

I'm about to frog something that's been on the needles for an embarassingly long time. I'm not feeling the love, and realize I was wrapping my stitches the wrong way, and the yarn's just too nice to waste on a big mess like that.