Saturday, June 24, 2006


Hot. Too hot to think. Let alone do anything constructive. Not that I would, if it were cool, but you excuse. I think I've just been finding ways to spend time in hot places; walking with Marie at Makapuu Flats, instead of the much cooler local walks we could be taking, sitting in Patrice's jacuzzi yesterday, hanging out on the sunny side of my house, training Cricket in a sunny yard this morning...let's exercise some common sense, here!

Today, I picked up Hourglass (why oh why isn't she finished?!) and was struck by how damn hot that Sisik felt to touch. Was there a time when I felt cold enough to wear wool in Hawaii? Various Aloha Knitters may recall I was sporting Lia's gift of the Goodwill cashmere sweater last week, in Mocha Java, but that's water under the bridge. Cooler water, I might add.

In honor of all this heat, or perhaps to fight all this heat, I am saddling up my horse and riding down to the Safeway to buy some salad fixin's for lunch. Along the salad fixin' theme, comes my new favorite word, taught, I think, by Acornbud, "cutiecumber". A great summer favorite of this household. Hawaii has fabuolous cutiecumbers, it turns out. Japanese cutiecumbers, that are crunchy and delicate and tender. I crave cutiecumber sandwich. Thin-sliced ham, cutiecumbers, butter and brown bread. Salt and pepper. Off to buy now.

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Acornbud said...

Yup, that's what my grandma called them:)