Sunday, June 18, 2006


A busy day, more or less, if you count the fact that I slept 3 hours, mid-afternoon, and I do. I took Cricket over the Pali to Puppy Kindergarten, had some Jamba and a delicious green tea flavored Beard Papa's Cream Puff. My new dog trainer is uber-cool, in that he provides hot coffee, decadent sweets and baked goods to us, as well as dog training treats for class. I'm lovin' it! After pup class, I puttered around the house, knit on Hourglass's sleeve, which I WILL finish tonight, and then went out to lunch with P, before I took him to the airport. After the airport, I came home, knit again for about 1/2 an hour, fed Cricket lunch, and then took to my bed to sleep. Hard. The kind of sleep wherein I had all sorts of paralytic seizure type dream action, and panicky awakenings, only to fall back into the hard arms of morpheus again. Awoke at 5-ish, more knitting, laundry, and am now, due to my rested (as unlikely as that seems!) state, am contemplating more housework, or else finishing the damn sleeve, which is the fastest knitting I've done, ever.

So again, this isn't much of an entry, not of the things I really want to write about, anyway. I find myself swinging back and forth between loving reading crafting and knitting blogs, and feeling like they totally hijack my own creative time and agenda. I went through this same phase, reading olj's, a couple of years ago, and again, reading other folks' fanfics, as I was writing my own, and don't really have an answer for it. Most likely, it signals a need to concentrate on my own voice, and my own output for awhile, but also want to write for an audience, which necessitates reading my audience, right?

Voice, my own, and strengthening it, has always been such an issue for me. With family, lovers, teachers, friends, employers...wish I had another one of those Beard Papas...

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