Thursday, June 29, 2006

the vapors

Sicker. Rather, I'm sick of this half-sick business and am committing to a full fledged invalid state. The drinking of tea. The taking of various herbal tinctures in little half-glasses of warm water. Picking up and putting down of Hourglass, interspersed with naps. I'm afraid of not making my silly June 30 deadline, unless there's a more serious effort launched here.

Marie and I shipped Lia's dogs last night. It took HOURS at the airport, filling out paperwork, only to have the cargo people somehow lose it on the computer. Take two. She called this morning though, to say she'd received the beasts, in good health. I do have to say, driving around with her dogs in my car last night, I have a new appreciation for how well-behaved my own dogs are in the car. Even Cricket, who started out with me as a jumping, barking fool in the wayback of the CRV has learned to get in, lay down and shut up so the mistress can drive him to his generally pleasant destination. This was more due to my shouting at him than any whispering that might have gone on. "NOOOOOO!" "DON'T!" and "OFF!" and sometimes even just "AAAAAGGGGGHHHH!" were words in heavy rotation his first few car trips with me. Now I'd take him anywhere. Sometimes he lays so still and quiet that I can't see him, and I wonder if he's managed to jump out a window, so I call him to make sure he's still there. Sure enough, the head pops up.

Again, no photographed knitting content, but a shot of yesterday's gourmet lunch of a tuna melt. More melt than tuna, from the pic, but the tuna was there. Note my pink countertop. The kitchen to this house is done in pinkish and grey, if you can imagine such an unappealing combo. Oh it's fine for clothing, but I think the previous owner was on a diet and wanted to prepare her food in an atmosphere that wasn't conducive to ravenous eating. I don't think it's bad enough to re-do, given my general laziness, and appreciation of the rest of the house's paint job. Still, you see that the kitchen colors have not affected my appetite one bit.

Here's an example of how the two canine members of the household amuse themselves when the mistress has the vapors and can't take them driving around town:I think this is the part where they yell curses in each others' faces til one gets tired. Ella is demonstrating how big her teeth are, and Cricket is showing how very tall he is. Note Hourglass in the background, on the couch. So close, now.


Acornbud said...

Missed you tonight, but I'm glad to hear you are taking it easy so you can well soon!

mysticalfeet said...

I'm sorry I missed Rogue's night out! I'll catch you next week!