Wednesday, June 28, 2006


For the first time since I moved here (a little less than 10 months ago) I am getting sick. Swollen throat, icky post-nasal drip, cough. Ugh. Needless to say, the ac stays on, even though I suspect it irritates the throat while it cools the fevered brow. Our house is air-conditioned in a split system, wall units in the office, koa room and one little very hot corner bedroom supposedly cool the entire house. They do not, but the office unit is really the only one we use with any regularity, as it is adjacent to our bedroom. For the most part, it is breezy and nice enough that ac is not needed, but recently, it's been heavy and still. There's actually a breeze blowing now, but it's humid and warm. I'm hoping for rain. I may try to experiment with Reya's technique for getting a good rain in, by putting a wineglass of water on the windowsill as an invitation.

I help Marie ship Lia's dogs out to the East Coast today. This will involve hours and hours at the airport, and wrestling not-necessarily-crate-trained dogs into their shipping crates. I feel a tear coming on, just thinking about it. Maybe it's a tear of self pity, though, as it cuts into my knitting time with Hourglass, too. Too hot at the airport to touch that fuzzy Sisik.

Yesterday Leisha called me out of the blue, for delicious conversational rambling. Leisha was my co-worker of last year, a funny, dry Singaporean woman, who described her style of classroom management as "draconian" (this word spoken in a beautiful English/Indian accent accompanied by a wry smirk) and shared my love of after-school cocktails and Bailey's Crossroads' plethora of ethnic restaurants. She had a baby after I left, a surprise pregnancy, but she's adjusting well to motherhood, and is even taking a year off to enjoy the little sprout. I am trying to lure her out here for a visit, as she is no stranger to Hawaii, and even is familiar with Nuuanu and Queen Emma's Palace.

On to self-medication and working up my courage to go to Salvation Army, to donate my beat-up chairs that Goodwill doesn't want...


Chelsea said...

I hope you don't get full-blown sick, I think summer colds are worse than winter ones. At least in winter, you can get snuggly under blankets without dying of the heat. Michael's had a sore throat for the last couple of days, and I *sooo* don't want to share.

Feel better quick!

mysticalfeet said...

My sickness seems to just be hanging around in a half-baked state. I supress it, frolic around and then it comes back. I agree with you about summer colds being more miserable. Take care of Michael!!