Tuesday, June 27, 2006

sound the snail alarm

In lieu of any knitting content, I present to you the portrait of one of the denizens of Chez Nuuanu Estate:
Yep, that's one big snail. Imported African snails, snuck in to eradicate or decorate something or other, back in less informed times, they've been fruitful, multiplied and stomped out all the other native snails around here. They are very large, as my foot will demonstrate.
Note the attractive pedicure, Elizabeth Arden's "Red Pearl" on the toes. It is attractive no more, as in reality, this shot was a couple of days ago. Still, this morning, I heard Ella barking furiously at something in the yard, and went out to check what she was all riled up about. 3 snails hanging out together in a shady spot, which I presume, was a place she wanted to put herself, but didn't quite have the nerve to go. Sigh. This is a full grown dog, quite large, at 40 lbs, sounding the alarm over snails.

Work on Hourglass continues, in a rather uninspired way. We have turned on the ac, so I can knit w/o too much complaining. I'm up to the raglan decreases, and am regretting the June 30 deadline for her, as I'd like nothing more than to switch and work on something else (kitchenering the remaining Jaywalker sock? a dishrag? Mirkwood Kiri?) but I'm gonna stay the course, as our illustrious (ahem!) head of state (according to NPR, though of course, in my world, Aragorn is still King, and now Jimmy Smits is President) would say. I'm having the usual fears of "she won't fit me" and "my gauge is fucked up" and last night, the much-admired Denise needle cable connector popped apart; I must've twisted it the wrong way as I was scooting stitches down the cable and the bloody sweater slid off the needles. The ensuing scene, involving waste yarn, a tapestry needle, much cursing and gnashing of teeth as I repaired the badly behaved needle with appropriately sized (larger) cables, and saved the day, was NOT pretty. I now understand about why most knitting should come accompanied by a medium sized alcoholic beverage, as per the Yarn Harlot's advice.

Of course now I'm treating the Denises with kid gloves. I shouldn't fear them. What's that my dog trainer says about "assuming the position of leadership and confidence?" Even Cesar would advise me to take those needles firmly, yet lovingly in hand and knit on.


Acornbud said...

What? Your dog is barking at snails? OMG. too funny. More exercise, mom! I would think the poodle being French would love escargot! Can't wait to see hourglass! This heat is something else-Rogue is fun but very hot, too! Good excuse to go to Mocha Java.

mysticalfeet said...

Tee-hee. I suspect Cricket would pick up the snail, if encouraged to do so. But Ella just barked and jumped around. Silly dog.

Y'know I think it's the fuzziness of the Sisik that's bothering me. It's too hot to touch the fuzz.

Stephanie said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That snail creeps me out! I don't think I could put my foot next to it. Shudder.

mysticalfeet said...

I draw the line at actually handling them, as a general rule. But I'm not too freaked out by creepy-crawlies. Years of wrestling nasty things out of dogs' mouths have taken care of any residual squeamishness.