Thursday, December 06, 2007

DisKnit: Blogging Guilt

hmm. I read about it. I think it is silly. But here I am thinking that our audience of 4? might feel abandoned by KBrow and DisKnit because we are not writing. I am knitting. Does that help reassure you? Or me? Is it because my camera was broken before I replaced it that I haven't wanted to write? Is it because I moved the computer back into its proper place so I spend less time? Or, sigh, is it because various less people have seduced me onto facebook that I am neglectful of the first place for regular e-writing? All these questions. No current answers. But an old friend started blogging and he is obviously comment addicted (go see So I agree more comments -- more blogging. That is not just a suggestion. Tell us about your knitting, your holiday cooking, your avoidance of all thing holiday. We will then respond.

Hmm, now do I have any pictures you would want to see?? There is Ben Franklin from work in his hand crocheted scarf (by me) and his paper green crown(not by me) trying to look festive or silly. He's our mascot at work which just confuses the other folks. It is a good thing. So above is Ben in the December (or to use Washington-speak, Holiday) spirit. Below is Ben's much smaller companion Tom Jefferson

Merry First Snow of Washington,
DisKnit (who did make the crown for TJ which was MUCH harder). Off to knit


Chelsea said...

TJ looks very festive.

da twine said...

is your tj missing a lower right leg? is he also skipping a phantom rope? i just met bethany hamilton the other day and wanted so badly to ask her about any phantom limb sensations stories she might want to share with me...but instead we just talked about her togs (swimsuit in a style i've been trying to find). oh well.

Disenfranchised Knitter said...

Oh TJ is running. He's a bobble-head from the Nationals and they do a race of the presidents each home game. I went to the game to get the bobblehead so that big Ben would have a little friend. Oh yes, us guvmint workers are silly. Home sick. Going back to the couch to sleep and perchance to knit.

Ari said...

"Addicted" is a very strong (and dare I say unkind) word. Anyway, you know me: in for a penny, in for a pound.