Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What is too much? [Coffee and Lavender]

To take you right into the pre-holiday questions of this woman of the 51st [state] place, I'm trying to figure out if all sleeplessness problems of late can be blamed on late consumption of coffee and/or chocolate. Then, I'm wondering if there can be too much lavender in laundry detergent. Since I moved to DC in 2006 and received the frontloader washer as part of the [over-priced] condo deal, I've had my t-shirts experience the problem of having color taken out. I suspect that the problem is the detergent dispenser on the washer. But I don't want to pay for it to be fixed, so I'm wondered if I use gentler/kinder/PC soap if I can solve everything. Fortunately, some enterprising person opened a store down the street called the Greater Good selling products of all sorts designed to make me feel slightly better about my place on the earth [and since I rarely buy anything more than 3 miles from my home I didn't care what it cost]. But since he had no idea whether the "good" soap was actually good in front-loaders, he gave me a sample [after i bought my mother's bonus present]. Now as he admitted he didn't use this soap because it was scented and his wife was allergic to scents. But I thought "lavender," I love lavender and how much lavender can stay on clothes after they've been washed and rinsed. Well, the condo is very pleasantly scented now as the second load goes through. Can't yet tell if the clothes are clean and if the color remains.

The coffee issue is related to chocolate. I've been substituting milk-based coffee drinks for lunch and thus having coffee past my normal timelimit of noon. But then I made the chocolate pecan pie for a dinner with friends on Sunday and they sent me home with the leftovers. So I've been eating that at night. So what to blame. The coffee drinks are easier since I still have two pieces of the pie left. Is it the sugar? Is it the chocolate? Can I ignore it all until it is gone?

Oh about knitting. There is a hat in the mail for Christmas to Patty that was a semi-successful felting experiment. I think gauge would have helped. There is one finished scarf for my mom. There is an almost finished scarf for my brother. I gave up on the Knits for Men scarf for my dad and sent books instead; perhaps in March.

Carry on. I hope spirits of all sort take you through the end of 2007. And if you live elsewhere, here's an image to remind you why snow is pretty BUT:
From 2007 10 Knitting

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mysticalfeet said...

Some of that PC detergent (Meyer Lemon, I think) makes me itchy and rashy. Good luck with the lavendar. It shoud be calming. I put its essential oil on my pillow to induce sleep. I think it's just the time of year. No matter how much sleep I get, I want more.

Mmmm, snow, pretty snow. I wants it all.