Saturday, December 22, 2007

k-brow: sunny

This solstice day, the sun wasn't sure it wanted to shine very much in Nuuanu, so we went downtown to see it, in all its warm, breezy glory. Lunch at the Hawaii State Art Museum cafeteria; outstanding ulu-leek soup and a beet salad. Ulu is breadfruit, much like a potato. But I was there mostly for the sun and the charm of downtown's colonial buildings. Back uphill for a long nap on the couch, and now am drinking feverfew tea, part of an experiment I'm conducting to see if I can get the number of days I have a headache down. It's a bitter tea, which doesn't bother me much; I like bitter flavors. It reminds me of another herbal favorite of mine, white willow bark.

Anyway, some knitting last night on the creeping slowly Must Have. Must Have Progress, I call it. As in "we need it". Solstice was nice, celebrated in a low key way, with wine and P's fantastic breaded porky chops, and some of the NRN's cookie exchange cookies.

I regard Yule as a new year of sorts, so here are a few resolutions, of the knitting variety.

1. I will knit a Totoro.

2. I will shamelessly frog anything I'm not feeling. This after frogging about a dozen unloved/unworthy projects hanging out on the needles this fall, and noticing how very good it made me feel.

3. I want lace. I will try to make this happen.

4. I will knit stash. Stash is eating me out of house and home. It's alluring and I want more, but some needs to flow. The stash must flow! (cue here a "Dune" moment. Uh, yeah. We're big Dune fans here in my house. Of course this reference to Dune's addictive spice melange is lost upon non-fans. I'm counting on the sci-fi geek cred of my readership here...anyway, must knit stash.

V-ron inspired me with her gift knitting this year, and so I will take note and pay attention. Note this is not a resolution, because that gets us into all sorts of "what, what-for, for-whom? and how many by when?" questions. Can't say, but I realize it's time to stop hoarding the knitting.

In the day late and a dollar short department, I'm all spun over Amy Winehouse, who seems to have become everyone's darling before she became mine. Ah well, I'm used to being behind the musical curve, in spite of living with Mr. Music Hipster, himself.

In closing, on this finally sunny day, I will shout out some love to Ms. Opal for the lovely Yule bag o' treats. MUCH appreciated goodies which will be displayed for all to see when I can sort out my camera battery situation. And more love gets shouted out to Chelsea for the comical Yule wishes she sent.

I am listening to some surprisingly pagan-themed music on NPR right now. It's as if Hawaii Public Radio has decided to enjoy the Yule goodness as well.


Opal said...

I'm so glad you liked the little bag of goodies!

Vron has inspired me as well. I have even started a gift list for the year 2008. Let's hope I can stick to it. Maybe we can do a little knit along. Something easy going though. Nothing too strict, just strong on support.

Acornbud said...

I seem to be knitting from you stash, too, what with Must Have and the fuzzy stuff:)Thank you for the lovely goody bag. The exotic ball is way cool.

wildeyez said...

I had good intentions for gift knitting this year, but it didn't go so well... Maybe I'll have better luck next year!

Autumn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes I am in VA, just outside of Williamsburg. I hope you enjoyed the slide show.

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