Friday, December 21, 2007

k-brow: the longest night

These aloes in bloom at Kapiolani Community College succulent garden remind me that the plants know something I often forget; that the sun comes round again.
I like that my end-of-semester three weeks off coincides nicely with Yule, the sun's rebirth. Today, after 8 big fat hours of sleep, I am embroiled in laundry, cleaning, hauling, purging, vacuuming, and the cooking of chicken soup. I've dusted off the Blenko glass candleholders that my mom gave me, added a silver and gold candle (god and goddess, sun and moon, light and get it) and will set the altar the long dark of the evening. Today is the shortest day, and tonight, the longest night. With tomorrow's sunrise, each day will get a bit longer, though it'll be unnoticeable for a few weeks. Anyway, I'm ready for it.

Happy Yule, all of you! Light is returning!


Pam! said...

Happy Yule to you! I awoke to snow this AM which is still on the ground in patches. I've just lit my candle while watching the sunset in the backyard ... it seemed like a perfect Yule-ish moment.

Opal said...

That's a beautiful picure! Happy Yule to you too.