Thursday, December 27, 2007

k-brow: clean gutters and lace contemplation

I grabbed a few minutes today to climb up on top of my garage roof to clean out all this veg from my gutter. Ick. Our handyman was coming to powerwash the steps, and I didn't want him to see how I'd let the gutters go; he'd give me hell...
It was kind of fun being up on the roof; you can see the ocean from our garage, and it was amusing for Ella, who is fascinated by the way people can climb up on roofs. It was just upsetting to Cricket, who wanted to be up there with me, and barked incessantly during the whole process.

The winter break is just what I've needed. Long walks with Cricket, pleasant knitting, housecleaning, mindless tv, and just catching up on LIFE! I, for one, will be glad to kiss 2007 a fond farewell. The last couple of years have been um...challenging, and somehow, the clean slate of January beckons. My mom and auntie arrive on Saturday eve. I'm a little worried about entertaining them for 9 (nine) whole days, but it should be fun. They, like my sister, are fairly self-sufficient guests, who will be content to lounge around and read, or go to the beach and people watch. Guests who don't require endless reserves of chauffering to highly touristic destinations. On the other hand, it will be amusing to hit the tourist road with my 60-something ladies, and to buy them umbrella drinks and dress them in muumuus and tour Iolani Palace and eat plate lunches and Kahuku shrimp.

I purged my bloglines feeds mercilessly today. If you are a knitter in Hawaii, or if I know you personally, or if you and I regularly read and comment on each others' blogs, or you are part of my livejournal flist, relax. You're still on. Other than that, I think I only left a scanty few on the feeds. I'm in the mood to purge. Oops! waning moon again. heh. I'm loving how the celestial events are pushing for these little victories.

Blogless Michelle and I had a little discussion about lace today. Gotta say, it's fascinating me to no end, these days. I found this site as I was idly surfing, and it's helping me to make some decisions about a future project or two. I've got some laceweight yarn, stash for 3 projects, and I'm trying to come to some decisions here. So any advice, weighing in, opinions from you lace knitters out there are most welcome!

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Opal said...

Your winter break sounds like it has been very healing. I can't wait to hear about your adventures with your mother and aunt, though.

I'm also eager to witness your lace journey! Try the Icarus shawl and see how you like it. I think the highlighter tape in your goody box should come in handy with the charts. I usually place the tape on top of the row I'm working on. See if that works for you. :)