Wednesday, November 28, 2007

DisK: The Wintry Moment

Caption, clockwise from top left, curtis's eye, my new hat from the Maine Jo Sharp wool (self design), red leaves from last weekend, and my silly bag next to RW's fabulous socks for my birthday

Greetings all, esp. those of you who live where it does not get cold

It is cold now in the District of Columbia and what a welcome idea. After a thanksgiving that began with me wondering about shorts but ended with a marvelous blow-in of cold air, I am happy to have a reason to pull out my woolen items. I have a lovely KBrow scarf that I wear on many days. I have my curly scarf that I left in North Carolina and Patty was able to find and may have retrieved. I have a beautiful purple and black scarf that has the evil mohair in it, but is still worn out of respect for its colors. I've donated to work a red scarf for our mascot Ben Franklin. Now that I have a digital camera again, I will show him with his lovely green paper ring crown tomorrow. Though I am still searching for the practically free but somehow comfortable and stylish winter coat, I am very happy to wear wool socks and sweaters and scarves as much as possible. The new hat (see above) has already been admired by strangers on the street.

I'm knitting away on various things that cannot be revealed. Not quite like the one bag to rule them all, but I can't remember who knows and does not know about this site, so I must be discreet.

In a major act of social bravery, I am to go to my first knitting "meet-up" on Monday, December 3. I will report back. It is in Alexandria which appeared to be the only place to find knitters over 20, okay over 30. Hopefully, though there will be lurkers who will not require me to drive my car or leave my 3 mile radius in future months. Those of you without a sense of this geography here will have to recognize that I live in a very popular, party-zone part of DC which is very transit-friendly which means "do not move the car if you hate looking for a parking spot." As a result, I do not take advantage of all things that are out of easy walking distance. Adding to the problem is that I work next door to all the cool museums, so I don't want to go there on the weekend. Yes, this is all a sign of my lack of full social adjustment, but what do you expect from a knitter/archivist/historian?

I will say I am not at all clear about who is getting what for Christmas, hmm. Should I figure it out?


p.s. I'm now watching Shark very happily, but I will try Weeds (thank you all for your suggestions)


mysticalfeet said...

I showed Ella the pic of Curtis' eye. She pricked up her ears at the sound of his name and then bumped the monitor with her nose and wandered off. Be brave with the knitting strangers. They saved my life here in Hawaii! And allowed me to still remain socially maladjusted.

da twine said...

i second the motion, mysticalfeet. disknit, get out there and knit w/strangers! there will surely be more than just the group you've attended so far, and who knows, perhaps some of those are itching to be a breakaway group, yearning for an alternate meeting location, perhaps closer to your walkzone...give it a try!