Monday, November 19, 2007

DisKnit:: Just an Interlude betw. work and Work

Hi all,

I'm back from my work [aka vacation] trip to Triangle region of North Carolina (Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham). There was not much knitting, though I finished a random hat (note to other when people keep thanking you for funding an event it is harder to knit--this means either I should change jobs or accept that knitting during meetings is rude -- advice?). But there was suitable amount of seeing the people who care about what I do for work and putting together of random people who I know from various walks of life together. And I started to develop fantasies of living down there, not because of its perfection of lifestyle (in contrast to K-Brow and Portland) but because of the nice people I know there. Meanwhile, Curtis lived a mixture of bliss and imprisonment, my dear friend P has a cat Janice who deserves to rule. So when I was out and about, Curtis dog had to be in one room. Curtis learned quickly to doubt any invitation upstairs to "my room" = his prison." But, he could sit outside while we rake, and went on an off-leash walk in Durham with other dogs, and had lots of attention. I meanwhile successfully "worked" out of the office for another 5 days. Yeah. Yes, there are issues at my guv'mint job but I will not blog of them. Instead, I will watch OZ from Netflix and see if that is a new series to watch. I have completed all the available TV series in my desired lists and am seeking new ones. Suggestions (I like House, Numb3rs, the Closer, Gilmore Girls, and CSI. Oh and I adored BBC's Wives and Daughters)???

K-Brow is the knitter again. And I have no digital camera to illustrate anything since the Roz Chast mishap.

Out now, from the nation's capital of laundry, misguided policy, and a two-day return to work.


mysticalfeet said...

Did you watch Weeds?I think it's available on Netflix, and is an excellent series. I see you aren't biting on my slavishly recommended suggestion of Battlestar Galactica... don't laugh; it's completely fab.

I like Research Triangle a lot. It is not on the official list of Cities I Would Live In, mostly because it's not a place P could work in, in his current incarnation of guv'mint service.

Knitting at meetings...okay for me, but it's only because so many of my co-workers grade papers at meetings. I refuse to do that.

Chelsea said...

Bones, Nip/Tuck, Dexter, always Firefly, and I second the Weeds suggestion.