Saturday, November 17, 2007

dazed and confused

I came home this evening to find Cricket standing up on top of my desk, looking extremely busted. Really, I knew there was some good reason I usually keep that desk all cluttered and messy. He looked like it had been no big deal to get up on there, but was a little troubled by the jump off. I wanted to take a pic of him, but the memory card to the camera was in the cardreader and by the time I got it back in the camera and the flash warmed up, he was off and running for his life. Why do I get the feeling he's regularly up on the counters and tables in our absence? I'm impressed by his derring-do, but this counter insurgency isn't something I want to encourage.
Instead I focus this evening on the somewhat better behaved dog, Ella. Who will be going to Zippy's with me for some Hawaiian fast food. Loco moko? Fried chicken? Chili?
While Ella, with her neuroses and incessant barking for attention/work/treats/toothbrushing/balltossing, is annoying, she has never shown the initiative to get up on anything more daunting than the sofa. Ella expects things to be handed to her by a cooperative humanservant, as befits her Poodle royalty pedigree. Cricket, on the other hand, is a self-made dog, pulling himself up by his bootstraps.

I went to knit night at Mocha Java last night; the first time in what seemed like forever. My arm, wrist and shoulder were sore, but I worked on Must Have anyway, 2 sad little slow rows, punctuated by a rather confusing cable crossing. I followed directions exactly, the cable crossing did its thing, looks just like the one in the pattern picture ( well, the reverse, since I knit leftwise) but I don't understand it. It crosses over on the former pattern repeat and under on this one, and while it's supposed to, I don't get how it works...(shaking head, mystified) I guess I'll have to knit a few more repeats to figure out what I'm doing to get it to alternate. I am a little bit confused by the whole cabling process. I follow the directions, I get cables. Last year, I even knitted P the Besotted scarf, doing all the cabling without a needle, but I can't look at a cable pattern and predict what it's going to do. I suspect I will be able to, 3 years from now, when I've finally completed Must Have.

Little to report. I'm trying to upload pix to Blogger but not getting the kind of cooperation I expect from the internets. It's Friday, everywhere, I guess. I think I'm going to curl up with the oh-so-addictive-yet-confusing Must Have, and some Zippy's (must make the Zippy's run) and watch my latest Netflix, "Volver". Do I understand Spanish well enough to knit cables and understand Pedro Almodovar's tale of womanly woe? Vamos a ver...


Chelsea said...

"...but not getting the kind of cooperation I expect from the internets." Made me giggle

Opal said...

It's just occurred to me that the Must Have is a mystical knit. Since you're a mystical knitter, I'm sure that it will reveal it's secret sooner rather then later. :)