Tuesday, November 20, 2007

DisK: My first "knitting novel" [very short]

In the spare bedroom at Patty's house was Debbie Macomber's The Shop on Blossom Street
http://www.amazon.com/Shop-Blossom-Street-Knitting-Books/dp/0778321606. [The book came from a perfectly charming woman who is about to finish her PhD in biology on some organism, so she is allow any trash reading she wants.] It was badly edited, it was silly, and it only barely said anything interesting about knitting. Of course, I read it since it was knitting trash reading but I will NEVER pay money for it or any of the successors. It tries to suck you in with "good quotes" from "good knitters" but there is just too much nonsense about men, and finance, and g*d for my taste. Has anyone read a good novel on knitting or is it like the genre of "dog" novels? Okay, I just thought I should add this little warning/confession to you all.

looking forward to one day on and one day off and one day on and two days off at work and no T-giving traveling. Hope all are well.


mysticalfeet said...

ugh. I read "The Knitting Circle" by Ann Hood, and found it lacking, as well. Funny, since I find my own knitting circle to be so rewarding, but there you go. Better to do it than to read some made up version of it, I guess.

Chelsea said...

I liked The Friday Night Knitting Club. Not exactly high literature, but well written/edited, with some very interesting subplots.

I also appreciated that it depicted an interracial relationship without making it A Big Issue (tm), but that's obviously a personal bias. ;)

da twine said...

i too suffered through a couple chapters of TSOBS after discovering it at the library. chelsea's review has increased my interest for TFNKC. but kbrow's statement about our actual knitting circle describes what works best for me. i'll gladly drive across our island to meet up with our group. darn that thanksgiving holiday, messing up our regular schedule!

Stephanie said...

Just dropping by to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.