Saturday, November 17, 2007

writing back

I don't do this often, but I'm such a poor correspondent, I'm gonna try. Don't expect links, though; I'm far too lazy for that!

Disknit said,"my standards say you did a lot if you organized your stash. I considered that a huge accomplishment (of course, I also posted it on ravelry for you all to mock).
I think the new sweater is gorgeous as well though my dad's aran is in dark green, so I can't agree about the neutral color choice because otherwise why will I keep knitting.
Your move to Portland will be highly convenient for me, especially if you have a guest room (my brother is looking at house reportedly though!)".

I still resist Ravelry, even as others around me fall prey to its seductive pull. Still, organizing my stash might be a move in that direction...and if I were on Ravelry, I could peek at peoples' stashes. No. That might lead to more stash acquisition...

Hey, at least this sweater isn't black! Still, aside from that black cardi, the only projects I ever seem to finish are those I made with Noro or Trekking yarn. Completing a solid color project is a daunting task for the ADD knitter!

No move to Portland anytime soon, though it remains very high on our list of Places We Could Live. Second only to Arlington, VA, in my heart, though I think P ranks it higher. I think I could slide seamlessly into an Oregonian life; it has the right blend of inclement weather (to feed my weather obsession), casualness, dog culture, and more craft and yarn options than you could shake a stick at. Not to mention the most excellent beer...

Am I supposed to be looking for a job for you in Hawaii? If I moved to Portland, would you move out there, too? We could drink bourbon and knit in the know you want to!

Acornbud said, Must Have is sure coming along nicely! If I had the right yarn in my stash, I'd knit along:)

You should come over and look at the other color of Patons Classic Merino I have. It's called Peacock. 7 skeins, which is what Patons calls for for the large size, which I'm knitting. We could work out a trade for yarn or cash. I could hand off your winnings on our bet, too! Of course I understand the danger inherent in knitting along with you is that you will finish the project in 2 months and I will take 2 years!

(An explanation here: I owe Acornbud some yarn, already, as I lost a bet to her, as to when our friend Chris' baby would be born. I consider this to be due to Acornbud's superior knowledge of physiology and all things medical, but it's providing me with a golden opportunity to reduce stash without having to actually knit anything! Yay!)

Reya said, I can definitely imagine you in Portland. I lived there long ago (1977-79) and have visited many times since. It's such a cool city in so many ways. The rain really made me nuts, but otherwise it's superfine.
Hope you'll be visiting Powell Books, and will you get out to Hawthorne Ave. SE? Such a great little strip of stores and places to have tea.

I was greatly enamored of Portland, overall, though I wonder about facing the ceaseless, unending greyness and rain, as I am somewhat seasonally affective disordered. I generally like bad weather, though, and was thrilled by Sacramento's weeks of thick tule fog each December. Still, I wonder what years of living in Hawaii's balmy, rainbow-strewn beauty will do to me? I went to Powell's, and showed admirable restraint, buying only 2 books, both on sale! They are: Gathering Moss and Salem Falls. The latter seems to be badly reviewed, but I've never read Picoult, and the story seemed intriguing per the back cover of the book. At any rate, they join the great pile of books on the nightstand.

I didn't get out to Hawthorn Avenue, alas; stayed mostly in the NW/SW part of the city, and fell quite in love with an area called the Alphabet District - named so because of the alphabetized streets, one of which was Hoyt? Also didn't drink tea, but found amazing chocolate drinks at a place called Cacao, near the Pearl District.
BTW, Reya, congratulations on your second opening! How exciting for you!

To everyone whose comments I didn't include, thanks so much for the condolences on the demise of the Marilyn's Not So Shrunken Cardigan, and the compliments on Must Have. Blogland is one of the things that fires my knitting, and it's nice to share the joys and sorrows with others in this little world. Also, to Chelsea, if Michael comes to Hawaii, he should give me a shout! Will you be paying a visit? To Blogless Michelle, and Opal; how delightful to see you both Thursday night, along with all the other Aloha Knitters. I have missed my knitters in my frenzied life, of late.


mysticalfeet said...

To Lucy...I was playing around with the template this morning, and I lost all the links. My bad. They needed updating anyway. Feel free to add your own chosen ones! Also...b/c I forgot to include in entry, so glad Curtis' mole was benign. Those lumps and bumps on the dogs are really disturbing.

Opal said...

If you move to Portland, it would be another great excuse for me to visit the area. My best friend lives in Stayton. Still, I hope that move doesn't happen for a very long time. I'm selfish that way. :)

Anonymous said...

You met Chrissy Gardiner! She's been doing a lot of design work - lots of socks. One of her sock patterns is in the Winter 07 IK. I can't believe it's been over a year since I was in Portland...


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