Saturday, October 20, 2007


I feel I should keep up the illusion of blogging, even though there's nothing very knitterly going on that merits posting. Marilyn's is plugging along, getting longer and have I mentioned how much I like working on the top-down sweater?! I tried it on again, and it fits okay, and I am cheered, because we know that things that don't fit right get abandoned. Right into the UFO bin. This, in spite of my sister's fervently held belief that things that things that don't fit me so well get finished and passed off to her. DO YOU HEAR ME? THAT ONE SWEATER WAS A FLUKE! I am not in the habit of finishing things that don't fit me!! Don't wait around for this green cardigan, understand?! Hey...put away that acquisition aren't getting this Marilyn's!

My sister...if I were a faster knitter who actually finished more things, I'd knit more for her...she deserves it for putting up with the way I roar into her life once a year, forcing her to eat pizza with anchovies, take midnight walks, and give up the free haircuts. As it stands, she has to knit for herself, or wait in anticipation for the ill-fitting or unloved FO. Silly, since she's a perfectly competent knitter, now.

So I've just been doing what I do, the wee bit o' spinning, which is amassing quite a collection of white corriedale singles, (to ply or not to play? to dye or not to dye?) and making me happy. Changing my altar to reflect the season, complete with a pomegranate and a mini-pumpkin. Getting in touch with old friends, incredible after so long; Miss Nora, Cloud, and Lauriedarling - all nears and dears, who've been out of touch (through our mutual moves and busyness) and who, suddenly, in the last 2 weeks, have re-surfaced. Miss Nora and I are getting together for coffee and no doubt, some knitting, as she passes through Oahu in a week, Lauriedarling has a new Aussie puppy and Cloud emailed P asking after me. Goddess, ease my tendancy to burn bridges and lose myself in myself, as so often has been the custom.

Dog training goes enjoyably. Cricket's hijinks continue, but I have developed a sense of humor about him, and it goes better that way. I am teaching him pre-agility behaviors, not because I ever believe he will be under control enough to do agility or any off-lead sport in the presence of other dogs, but because I think those foundation behaviors of hand-touch, targetting, body placement, eye contact and being able to be sent to another location are the key to managing his yahoorahrah in the public sector. Besides it gets him clicks and treats and access to the yellow squeaky toy, which is EVERYTHING in Cricket's world, right now.

But my house is a sty, due to my excessive obsession with that Battlestar Galactica and ignoring the mail and laundry and dustbunnies everywhere. In this condition, I have to salute my co-blogger (mysteriously silent, except for a text message last week) who has the good sense to get a housekeeper. She is way more realistic on the domestic front than I am.


Acornbud said...

Hey ho, nice to read another post. Hope to see some NRN soon!

Opal said...

I've been guilty of BG obsessions and I can't say it's a bad way to go. :)