Sunday, October 28, 2007

Towards All Hallows

Had to work a lot this week/weekend and thus will not report on knitting but I did create two pumpkins. Both are 360 degree since they sit on a window ledge and I wanted to enjoy them, not just have the outside world catch a glance. In carving them, a sample of five determined that three people had grown up in families in which there was just a "family" pumpkin; the other two had each had a pumpkin to carve. What about the rest of you?

In a more ghoulish picture, here are Curtis's stitches from his Friday operation to remove what I hope will be a simple mole. He's being good, but he'll have to wear the "Elizabethan collar" tomorrow while I work

Fall is here in DC -- and I am pleased about that. Now if I can just get through 4 days of intense work, then I am off to Maine to be with family.



mysticalfeet said...

Nice punks! I like the idea of 360's. Growing up, we only ever had the one jack o' lantern per year, and I myself only ever carve one, too, though, in theory, I'd like to have a dozen. Pumpkins are expensive here in Hawaii, and more often than not, icky and soft in the store when you go to buy them. I have contented myself, right now, with some little ones for the altar.

Glad to hear Curtis made it through his surgery okay. When will you hear biopsy reports?

Opal said...

I have never carved a pumpkin, but yours are beautiful!

Best wishes to Curtis! Have a good time in Maine. :)

Stephanie said...

How did you carve the mouth on that pumpkin? It's spectacular!