Friday, October 05, 2007

late night, Roanoke, Virginia

Dispatch from the Olde Country...I find myself at my sister's knit night in Salem, VA, and The Knitted Brow is mentioned, thus I find out that the Disenfranchised One has already posted. Logging on, I see that she's not only posted that spectacular shawl, but also an unflattering picture of me, being unfaithful to my dogs with her own lovely beast. It is time to go home, I tell you...

Other than that, I've enjoyed my time away, here in the land of little internet access and almost no cellphone service. Checking my email, I see I have no email, which isn't surprising, as all who'd write me are here with me, in one way or another --- except for P. who is getting by with text messaging and quick calls whenever I get in range with the cell.

It is autumn, in some strange Indian Summer sense of the word here in Virginia. Dry and warm, and utterly fragrant, but the air seems pregnant with unshed rain, and absolutely no real weather on the horizon. LOTS of emotional "stuff" with family and friends going on, so the feeling of being very full is amplified and echoed by the weather.

In DC, I had a thoroughly satisfying visit with Lucy, who cheerfully threw her hat into the blogging ring and become the co-author of this space, (give her love, people!)as well as loaned me her dog to snuggle with on certain groggy mornings. I also met up with and lunched with the completely delightful blog kin,Reya, whom I felt as if I already knew. Later, big epiphanies about my life in Northern VA, now run its course. Tarot, red wine, red meat, and a long heart-to-heart talking with my friend T, and old next door neighbor Tina, too. The drive down to my parents' place, and hours of "Dallas" reruns with my dad, my mom's excellent fried chicken, and hours to roam the highways and byways of my youth.

I found myself laying flat on my back in deep grass and purple vetch in a field, watching bees sample goldenrod above me. I love this place I've come home to, but I am growing ready to step back into the flow of my day-to-day life again.


Disenfranchised Knitter said...

I liked the comment about roaming on highways and byways. I find when I go to my "old country" of New England, it is the back roads that so often invoke the real sense of a place I know. Partly because driving aimlessly was one of my amusements there but also because the style and pace of roads is different there than the other places I've lived. Perhaps this explains my dislike of a driving life during regular days. Your co-blogger.

Opal said...

It sounds like your having a thoroughly delightful time. Say hi to your sister for me!

Still, I'll be glad when you're back home. :-)