Thursday, October 04, 2007

A late Wedding Shawl or a Knitted Ghost or

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Lucy back with some pictures: Here is the sister-in-law's Kristin's belated shawl supposed to have been part of possible options on the festivities on 7/7/7, but not finished until -- oh, yeah, still not finished, but bound off and just a few ends to be sewn in and then blocked. It is pretty fabulous, if in fact filled with mistakes. The pattern came from Knitpicks "Rectangular Cover Shawl" ( ). And the yarn was also knitpicks: Merino Wool in lace weight - "jewels" color since she said something about lilacs and I thought about the "color blue" myth:

Maybe because knitting this sweater haunted me through the spring and summer (and another relationship break up), I've portrayed it as ghost here. It also matches this pretty japanese wood block from my grandfather.

And then here is the baby sweater, but without baby. It was actually begun for another friend, but has now been received in Duluth to be worn by Sky Johnson, son of Kirsten Aune and Chad Johnson and baby brother to Forestasia Aune -- it apparently fits, though I've used a chapstick to show you how tiny the thing was:

Also from knitpicks sock yarn and a knitpick pattern, but I converted it to the round, and I don't remember much else about it. The buttons came from the button box. Yeah.

I love the blog already because Chelsea has already followed up about my missing pattern. Hope everyone is happy.


p.s. here is Kim and Curtis in my guest bed:

[Kim appears to think the picture is unflattering and it may be deleted if she protests enough]


mysticalfeet said...

Unflattering or no, the picture stays! No regrets, no apologies...but I'll have to answer to Ella and Crick when I get home.

Opal said...

beautiful shawl. i like the picture of it! very artsy. ;)

da twine said...

peary sees the picture and first thing he says is, "don't let magritte or caper see the picture or else they'll be upset that they can't do that. luckies."