Sunday, March 08, 2009

k-brow: a dispatch from the submerged world

I'm up uncharacteristically early on a Sunday morning; it's about 7:30. I'm up because Ella peed on the bed in her sleep. Arrrrh. Doesn't happen all that often but it's a rude awakening. Spay incontinence can be a bitch. Heh. I said "bitch" in reference to my female dog. Lest I sound completely uncompassionate, let me assure you that she is being treated, with Chinese herbal compound Suo Quan Wan, which works fairly well, and is much gentler than the alternative, Proin, which my vet describes as "dexatrim" for animals. I think she drank a lot of water last night and was just really tired or something. Anyway, the sheets are in the wash, and the bed is coated liberally with Nature's Miracle. Rude awakening, nevertheless.

But all worth it, because I got to see a patch of blue sky. That is something, around here, let me tell you. It's been a whole lotta this, recently:

We simply do not see the sun in Nuuanu, and it rains more often than not, these days. I've taken to going to other parts of the island to see what sun there is to be seen and to feel like I'm drying out a bit. It's been windy, too, adding to the general feeling of cold. I'm not alone in my incessant whingeing about this weather, but I'm even getting tired of hearing myelf!

The external conditions are mirrored for me, internally, so I really want to do nothing more than burrow under the sheets and sleep until April wakes me up. But work is eating my life right now, so to work I must go, where it is no sunnier, and where I am scrambling frantically, to finish out the quarter, as well as coach a bunch of kids in a dance performance that I'm just learning as they are. Ugh. I do not like this extracurricular aspect of teaching. Usually I run a homework club, but as our class gets ready for its big Spring Fling, it's flinging extra responsibilities my way. Add this to the burgeoning hormones and pre-adolescent drama of the 5th graders, and you've got a recipe for exhaustion. Far worse than the exhaustion, though is the condition of "no joy."

A conversation with a friend last week reminded me that life could be far, far worse, and that I am very blessed and lucky, indeed, but it's a difficult time of year, nevertheless. I won't be but so magnanimous on the blog, thank you.

Still, there was a little glimpse of blue sky today.

My knitting on Clapotis, in the "Driving Through December in Virginia" colorway of Silk Garden, continues. I am on the last few decrease rows, now, and am enjoying this knitting, with its stockinette soothing me all the way. I chose to knit the thing on straight needles. I often start a project on my Lantern Moon straights, mostly because they are so beautiful to see and touch, but then, as the project gets heavier, I switch to the Denise circulars. Not so for this project. The rosewood was too nice a match for the earthy colors of the yarn, and I needed the thrill of pleasure I got each time I picked up the needles. It hasn't been all that heavy, and the Lantern Moons are pointy and fast, fast, fast. Even for a slow knitter like me. Here is a progress shot, though we are long past that, as well:

I am looking forward to wearing this so much! I have never knit a clapotis that I kept for myself that was truly satisfying, and I have a feeling this will be the one.

I spent a nice evening at Acornbud's last week. She surprised me with a Guinness upon my arrival, and things just got better from there. It was good to get out of my own house and head, and just enjoy the company of friends and great food. Chris made a rare appearance, and Blogless Michelle came over and brought vegan cupcakes along with Baby Max, who is not pictured here, alas... which were these incredible gingerbread things with lemon buttercream (except that there was no butter nor cream in the recipe) frosting. Now I'm no vegan, but when someone brings me cupcakes, especially in a flavor I was craving, I'm not going to quibble semantics. Blogless Michelle is taking over the world with her culinary experiments, and establishing a new identity as a meat-eating vegan. We are the happy beneficiaries of her experiments.

There's sun actually shining across the valley this morning. Albeit, a weak lemon buttercream sort of sun, but it shines nevertheless. I'm going to refill my coffee and try and finish up my clapper this morning, and hope for beach weather soon.


Acornbud said...

That was an incredible bit of blue yesterday! How's clapotis? Done. You definitely should keep that one---great colorway. I still dream of that cupcake....

Opal said...

i adore your clapotis. i'm so glad you're keeping that one for yourself.

i'm sending "joy" vibes your way.