Tuesday, March 17, 2009

k-brow: court intrigues

A weekend dedicated to the migraine, and too much fioricet, resulting in more sleep than any one person needs. I feel better now, and actually managed to get a few things done, knitting, even. But I'm left with the residual feeling of deprivation. Now back at work, all I can think of is that Spring Break is coming, and not a minute too soon.

This thing, this theme of "Keep the country country" cracks me up. There are very few places on Oahu I'd call actual "country", and certainly Sunset Beach/Waimea, where this pic was taken, isn't one of them. But I do get the gist of it, that desire to return to a simpler time, or at least to preserve what simplicity remains. (as always, click to get biggety-like images)

Speaking of old times gone by, and simple stuff that's gone completely crazy in these modern times...

Our school is having this crazy spring fling with a court and everything. A court. Here in the islands, there's this practice of choosing a king and queen (formerly on May Day) and princesses and escorts, in the elementary schools each year. Like a prom, only not with the dancing and dates and suchlike. But definitely an opportunity for sowing the seeds of princess behavior. Hell, I've heard it's even done in preschools. It's a little bit precious, especially as it gets all mixed up with Hawaiian language and culture studies, at least at our school. The queen has to do a special hula, and each class that performs (because it's nothing if not a huge freakin' performance opportunity) has to bow to the court before the performance. It's some crazy stuff, and coming right hard on the beginning of break, end of the quarter and right before state testing. I complained about the bowing thing, today, and got a good warning about trying a little harder to not mess up the authenticity of the fete...showing proper respect to the court, etc. Oh man... while I like royalty and all, and DEFINITELY think our queen is a good kid and one who deserves every honor, this court thing has gone a little over the top. My bowing complaint was mostly because it didn't flow with my class's performance, which requires them to start offstage, not onstage. Nevertheless, I sucked it up and choreographed in a little bow. I know not to mess with royalty. Or traditions at this school. It's just that this mix of European royalty tradition and Hawaiian culture played out in school customs is something I can't quite get my head around.

I am counting the days. Oh lord, am I counting the days. I am so counting the days.

Lest this turn into a rant about things I don't really mean, I feature now a shot of the burgeoning Nuuanu stream, the very one that runs through Acornbud's backyard, and on downhill into our own neighborhood. I go to sleep each night to the sound of this creek, and it is very full right now, with all the rain we've been having. It is more natural uphill, in our 'hood it's this fenced in culvert thing, as pictured. Still, the area is lush and green. Occasionally, one sees ducks hanging out, and I think our resident toads do their breeding there.

No knitting to show, I am trying to finish Must Have, so I can wear it on my endless flight to Atlanta. But our jade plant is responding to the newfound sunshine with a touch of red.

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Opal said...

i remember may day festivities. i was one of the court. boy was it a production! i still have nightmares about it. :-P