Sunday, March 15, 2009

k-brow: lion or lamb?

Thus goes March. Yesterday, sunny and cool; possibly the most beautifully perfect Hawaiian spring day I've ever seen. I got sunburned standing outside at school, coaching my students through their dance practice. Today, it's cold and rainy again. Rain all day, and temperatures back in the 60's. I had a migraine, leftover from yesterday, and spent much of the day in fitful sleep, aided by the miracle of Fioricet. Awoke at 5pm, declared myself cured, and took the dogs outside for a sunset frolic at Nuuanu schoolyard.

It was Pi day; 3.14, so P made a pie; Bstilla, to be precise:

So yummy, accompanied by a green salad. Too rich for dessert, though I am eating a bit of dark chocolate with a cup of red zinger tea now.

Because of the all day sleep, I'm not the least bit sleepy. I'm sitting up, shrouded in Lady Eleanor, Ella at my feet, watching first a fascinating show about ancient architecture on the History channel, and now the movie, "Yentl" on Showtime. Knitting on this sweet confection of a sock:

The elusive Trekking 126. It's been lounging in stash for a couple of years. I think, at one time, it was discontinued or in high demand or something. I love its colors; neapolitan, or like that Brach's coconut candy that's so hard to find. The pattern is the basic sock recipe from Sensational Knitted Socks, which is my sock bible. Knit 3, purl 1, top down on 2 circular needles, size US1. Trekking is my go-to sock yarn. I own others, but it is this yarn that I most frequently knit up into socks.

I'm feeling sock-positive, these days. I am not one of those knitters who knits exclusively socks. You know the ones. But moving to the mainland, I'm thinking that a few pairs of handknit socks could be a good thing. It would chew up some stash, as well.

I've seen the new Knitty, and I love the Reverie and Sourwood Mountain patterns. Especially Sourwood. I will knit those mitts. I've got the perfect yarn for them, a deep green Jo Sharp Silkroad DK, in stash. Another portable project for one burnt out on hefty undertakings.

I am going to Atlanta for a few days over Spring Break, week after next. Might as well go see the place where I'll be living...looking forward to the getaway, looking forward to spring on the East Coast, but oh my, do I fear that nonstop flight from HNL to ATL!! Endless time in the air. I'm already making a playlist for the iPod; I've corralled the perfect book; Wally Lamb's "The Hour I First Believed", and I've got the socks and the UFO Chevron Scarf to finish. And still, it will be an endless flight, in coach. Thank the goddess I have an aisle seat.

I love this movie "Yentl." It's about a woman in eastern Europe, in the early 1900's, who wants to study Torah. Barbara Streisand cuts her hair, and somehow convinces the men she's a young boy and goes to seminary, only not seminary. I guess it's yeshiva. Anyway, good stuff, for an escapist night. We have the love interest of Mandy Patinkin lighting up the screen as well.

I went to Knit Night on Thursday, mostly because errands took me there, but also to wish Acornbud a happy birthday. She ended up gifting me with a bag of lavender flowers and some homemade soap! Heavenly stuff, both. The lavender is destined to be stuffed into a sachet, and the soap is too pretty to use, but I guess I'll have to. I hadn't been to Knit Night for weeks, and I haven't particularly missed it. It feels like too much, the working all day, coming home and running the dogs and then racing out to Ward Center. The group is bigger, now, and it just seems easier to curl up on the couch and light a stick of incense, brew a cuppa and knit in my own peaceful house, most nights. There is the social dimension, though. I will play it by ear, this Knit Night hiatus.

In a total non-sequitur, yesterday, at school, at lunch, we were talking in the teachers' lounge about how I would miss local foodstuffs. I remarked that I was very consciously making sure to keep Apple Bananas, pineapple and papaya in stock all the time, now to enjoy while I'm here. Two of my coworkers remarked that they never ate fresh pineapple here, but preferred the canned! I nearly fell out of my chair. One remarked "I don't like to mess with it." Hey, I'll mess with it. I was always a fresh pineapple eater on the mainland, though, it seemed more like a splurge or a rare treat, there, rather than diet staple that it is here.

We found daffodils in the Safeway today. 'Tis the season.

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Opal said...

i'm totally down with the fresh pineapple. there's just no comparison and fresh pineaplle wins hands down.