Saturday, February 28, 2009

k-brow: worth the wait

The end of Rosedale. Well, except for the sleeves. I saved the sleeves, so I could see a clear image of the color runs of the yarn. I have several small balls of Kureyon left from the frogging. I want to felt them together to make one larger ball, but would like to stay true to the color runs of the original balls, so I kept the sleeves for now, whilst I work on this salvage project. Ahh, Rosedale, you deserved better...

The year I moved here, really, on the first day I arrived here, I found, discarded in my yard, a phalenopsis orchid in bloom. I brought it inside, kept it as a pet for a long time. It made a baby sprout and then the whole thing seemingly died. I was sad, but quickly healed my pain by focusing on the ease with which dendrobium orchids are grown. Forgot about the phalenopsis. Moved on. Occasionally I checked the pot that was sitting outside on the wall (with all the other "done blooming" orchids) but didn't give it much thought. Two days ago, this greeted me as I walked out to work:

Well worth the wait, and I never saw it coming!

P is back from Atlanta for the moment. He's been looking at houses, which aren't nearly as expensive as homes in Northern Virginia, California, or Hawaii. Nothing's been decided yet, as far as places to live go; we have plenty of time, at this point.

I am cooking dog food and waiting for a time between showers to go out and walk Ella. She is the Dog of the Day; ie, the one who gets the energetic focus.


Acornbud said...

I'll have fond memories of Rosedale....orchids truly are amazing plants. It it needs a good home after you leave, it can stay with mine next door at my moms. It is blooming now, as well.

Opal said...

that is one gorgeous orchid.

gay said...

what a nice unexpected surprise.