Thursday, February 12, 2009

k-brow: spring, finally!

Our cold seems to have broken for the moment, replaced by fragrant humidity, and haze. Not ideal, but I like being warmer. The plumeria tree is trying to get leaves and blooms, too. So I can't complain. I am in the midst of multitasking; cooking up stew for my dogs, writing a letter of recommendation for a student who's applying to Punahou (Barack's alma mater!) and watching "Lost."

Little knitting of any consequence has gone on. I finished Icarus about 10 days ago. It had completely dominated me, that shawl. I was knitting about 2 rows a day, and feeling like I would never see the end of it, and suddenly, it was done! Just like that. Then there was the bind off, which pretty much took me a whole Saturday. And now, it's done, though unblocked, thus far. I've been wearing it as a scarf, and am kind of pleased with its wavy edges and the incredible softness of the merino. A true luxury item, considering the hours and hours I put into it.

Now I can safely say 2 things with assurance: (1) I enjoy knitting lace, and forsee more in my future, and (2) I will never knit a big shawl on little needles in laceweight yarn again. So there you have it. Icarus, the anticlimax.

Lots going on in my life. Things I haven't blogged about, so writing about it now seems hurried, somehow abbreviated. Long story short, another chapter in our nomadic life is about to begin. P got a new job in Atlanta, and we're planning to move there sometime this summer. This has more to do with his career and habit of taking jobs in far-flung ends of the country every few years, than with any burning need to flee Hawaii right now. But the truth is (and regular readers know it well) that I do miss life on the mainland and welcome the change.

So yeah. Reactions and the first thoughts in my head...

The logistics of the move just dazzle me. And not in a good way. Didn't I just get unpacked from a crazy move from DC to Honolulu just 3 years ago? Pah!

Shipping 2 dogs in the summer, from one hot place to another? I'm still working out this one.

Selling a big quirky house during a slow economy feels daunting. Moving to a place with far, far lower cost of living is appealing, though.

Quitting my job (I resigned today, but will work through the school year) feels wonderful. It was like taking a big weight off my shoulders. I can enjoy my work again, without feeling embroiled in work drama. A temporary high, doubtless, but I'm committed to enjoying it as long as it lasts.

Leaving friends, my hairdresser, the best vet ever, the perfect dogsitter, the ocean, spam musubi, poke and a walkable, safe downtown? I'm crying over all these things. I don't let myself think about the volcano, the stars and the plumerias, lest I lose my resolve.

But honestly? Seriously, I need to be closer (2 hour flight, or a 10 hour drive) to my family. I can go to VA for a long weekend from Atlanta. I need 3 or 4 seasons, my mind and body just work better that way.

I feel like I'm telling a story that I've told before. Only this time it's all different. Bear with me.


Opal said...

i know this move will be good for you. so as a friend, i'm happy for you, but i will miss you dearly friend!

DisKnit said...


You know I am happy to have you bring all the creatures back towards this coast. I am hoping for a joyful reunion of the Curtis and the Ella in their 11th year!!! I wish I could help more with the move, but I do have some friends of friends in Atlanta so just ask if you want leads on neighborhoods or jobs or any other stuff. But what do I do about visiting Hawaii? Stuff it into the end of March? Congrats on the lace knitting success and I need pictures.

Pam! said...

whoo hooo! I'm excited!!
Moving isn't usually fun but it will be worth it.

gay said...

it takes my psyche two years to get used to a new place think it's because i moved every two yrs as a kid. never to hawaii though sadley. i'm pretty schooled at moving ie packing and unpacking not to say that it doesn't suck. you will get through it one box at a time. good luck with all of that.

Mokihana said...

Wow. I know you are looking forward to the move... but I am going to miss all the photos from back home! I'm glad we can still keep in touch, though.

And I will send you nori for spam musubi if you can't find it there.

I have a friend who lives in Conyers, and she has a wonderful Asian store nearby so you should be able to find it.

She's sent me photos of the area, and I must say, it is absolutely gorgeous.

But I will still miss your photos from back home.

Moving isn't easy, even if it's to someplace you wanna go...


KimS said...

What news! Sounds like you feel the move will be a good one for you overall, so congratulations. And you can grow plumeria in Atlanta; you'll just need to do so in a pot. And hooray for resigning!

But I mourn the loss of your volcanoes with you. That has to hurt.

(My husband's mom lives in Kennesaw, north of Atlanta. One of these days we'll get over there for a visit. The aquarium, I hear, is not to be missed.)