Wednesday, February 25, 2009

k-brow: warming the heart

I give you curried pea soup, and an unintentional peek into my obsession with Le Creuset cookware.
This is my whole collection, bought piece by piece, over about 8 years. On sale. The kettle, a gift from P last Christmas. But the soup...the soup is yellow split peas, carrots, potatoes, celery, curry and fresh spinach, with generous helpings of grated ginger and garlic. I've been feeling the need for a healing broth, a la curry. It isn't done yet, but smells heavenly.

Icarus...I haven't yet blocked him; the bed I use for blocking is covered with stuff waiting to go to the Goodwill, but I've been wearing him every day. I'm madly in love with the softness and the warmth. Hawaii still is in the throes of its windswept winter, and the merino is cozy.

This is how I wear it. I think if I blocked it, it would grow; I would like it a tad bigger, but it's okay for the time being.

Here's a shot of me wearing Icarus in Rivendell...functional fashion for Elvish events!

And here's the outside shot, showing that the shawl isn't really all that green.
I am home alone, and enjoying the quiet. I took the dogs for a leash walk this eve, both together, which is no easy feat for my two. There was cavorting and barking, and it took us awhile to find our rhythm. I usually exercise them separately, if walking is the order of the day. I think I need to do more of this with them together, just because of the extreme subdued behavior afterward. I can play fetch with them for a long time, and they come home riled up and in a lather. But this walk has left them so mellow. I'm no Cesar Milan fan...okay, I think he's cute, but maybe there's something to this 'walking is good for the pack' thing he always preaches. At any rate, I'm trying to walk my own ass out more often, these days. Something about the beginning of Lent, and the need to reinforce good habits.

The timer tells me the soup's ready. Off to turn over a load of laundry, and to cue up "Letters From Iwo Jima" on the dvd player.

Oh and we are getting a crazy hard rain right now. The windows are rattling in the house and the once-catatonic (heh, I said "cat" to describe my dogs) dogs are getting their bark on!


KimS said...

I share your obsession w/ Le Creuset. I recently boiled my chipped, whistle-less teakettle dry. I think that finally killed it. New ones are so expensive, but I don't know if I can do without that lovely red LC color on my stovetop.

But... last weekend I found three brand-new pieces in a cruddy flea market here in town. $50. (two crudites, one lovely discontinued yellow tomato pot) I have them on display in the kitchen and am grinning like a fool every time I pass them.

Opal said...

you look fabulous in the icarus. do you still want me to block it for you? it's not a problem!

DisKnit said...

I need to convince others to give me Le Crueset or some good fake. I will start spreading the word to the gift givers, but I want it in an olive color if it exists.

k-brow said...

No fake for le creuset, but it does go on sale on occasion at Amazon. I know it comes in a crazy kiwi green. And cobalt, which I love. But the red is the only color that ever gets really cheap, I think.

Lilikoi Knits said...

Oh, I'm loving the Le Crueset. I have a set in the Caribbean color we got for the wedding.

And is that a gas stove I see? They are so rare here. I miss having one.