Sunday, August 31, 2008

k-brow: you spin me right round, baby

A pleasant day, though I continued to nurse the headache through part of the morning. I went with Acornbud to Koko Marina to meet with Opal, her mom, Dayna and Barbara for some coffee, knitting and dim sum lunch. I spun all afternoon; the crazy, ill-behaved pencil roving that I got from Opal. As long as I don't try and draft it, it spins beautifully, but any drafting at all causes major breakage. So spinning it is basically just putting a twist into it and letting it go. Rough and scratch, but oh so pretty. Like, dare I say it? Kureyon...

Here, I give you, the Devil's own yarn:

I was so entranced with it, that I spun the entire roll of roving up this evening while watching "The Stepford Wives", the old one, with Katherine Ross. So you can imagine what a wacky evening it was around my place this eve.

The coffee and company this afternoon were superb. I think my headache was healed by the general joi de vivre of the day. Went back home, had a nap, exercised and bathed both dogs and continued my laundry and dishwashing pursuits.

Tomorrow, a long morning at school, whipping my classroom into shape. I don't like the fact that I need to give 5 or 6 hours to my job on a weekend, but I'll be happier at work next week if I plan and clean now. I'll take Cricket with me for company (for protection, in his mind) and a stack of cd's and enjoy the morning.


Reya Mellicker said...

Will you email me your postal address? There's something I want to send to you.

Also - love the devil's yarn, and hope your head is all the way back to normal.

Reya Mellicker said...


Red said...

I was spinning last night at the shop on both the spindle and the spinning wheel. I bought this kid mohair that's very unruly. Lovely but unruly. I feel that taunts me as well.

Opal said...

Ha! I love the name you've given it! Too apropos!

I had a fabulous time with you all. It's such a novelty for me to get together with friends in my neck of the woods. We really should try to do this once a month.