Saturday, September 06, 2008

DisKnit: Surrounded by Hanna the storm

I'm nursing a cold picked up during the end of my 10 day jaunt to California. Fortunately, there is no desire to go outside since DC is covered with the rain and wind of the tropical storm Hanna. Curtis the dog would probably like me to be less lethargic. And I would like to be knitting but I can't seem to be properly worked up about it. Perhaps taking the equivalent of Nyquil all day has something to do with that.

As usual the combination of mixing work with pleasure while traveling had its ups and downs. It was great to be selective in Sacramento and see only three sets of friends. One set has a new dog (a younger sister for Ana who used to play with both Ella and Curtis). Another set, a new baby. The other, enough work. Mostly people seemed good there, and I loved walking through my former neighborhood. It is hard to answer the question of when will I move back since I'm not sure if the answer is ever. I wouldn't go back to my old job and the allure of the salary at the job here is very strong. But Curtis Park is definitely my favorite place I've ever lived.

After Sacramento, I was 6 days in SF for a conference. It was mostly overwhelming and until the last night not even marked by that much good food. Downtown SF just isn't the best place, I much prefer the outer edges of the city. Three of us from Ravelry did cut out on Wednesday to go Artfibers where I rationalized the purchase of some green silk yarn on the basis that it could make a gift for my stepmother with the wool phobia. Somehow it is in my favorite aqua-green color, so something else may happen to it.

Still after a very full day on Friday, August 29, I did go with two friends to Zuni Cafe which was marvelous and luxurious at the same time. We scored a table without reservations and got to watch people oogle us with desire as we ate lovely food. Perhaps the best Salmon I've ever had. Saturday, I had a great walk over to North Beach for sandwiches and gossip with a wonderful conference friend (I rarely see her except at conferences, but she and I just enjoy each other when we are in the same place).

I escaped to Richmond for some days with another friend who had had leg surgery and was glad to have a personal chauffeur to take her away from her two boys and her husband. picked up some useful shoes going shopping in a soulless outlet mall near the Oakland airport. But having her company made it worth it.

Work is very busy, so even though I felt this cold all week I couldn't succumb until Friday and even then went in for two hours. I am grateful that this weekend I can just slouch. Indeed, I think it is time to pull the knitting out for a little while and see if it and some chamomile tea will allow me to sleep yet again. I am trying for my own personal records of endless sleeping.

I am still a bit amazed that KBrow is not going to be here for Crafty Bastards 2008 in three weeks? perhaps she will make sudden travel plans? Perhaps some will need to place orders.


k-brow said...

My school schedule has changed a bit, and I'm off for the wrong week, missing both Crafty Bastards AND the Virginia Fall Fiber Festival at Montpelier! I think you should go to that one, too, it's a nice day in the country for you.

I'm taking advantage of my dogsitter's availability and going over to the Big Island that week. Some snorkeling, volcano admiring, and riding my boy's coattails on some exclusive field trips to places that are hard to get into otherwise. Bogs on mountaintops with cool plants, etc.

But I would never stop you from enhancing my collection of worldly goods at Crafty Bastards. Should I mail you some $$? Seriously.

Mokihana said...

I was through the Sacramento area last month; twice. Ho da hot!! Actually it wasn't Sacramento proper... we drove the I-505 bypass... got to see lots of brown and fence posts. I am glad to be back in Oregon where it's green!