Sunday, September 07, 2008

k-brow: King Corn fights back, and a pitiful whine about the weather

Well now this is something new....

Guess Big Corn is fighting back.

Spent yesterday at a union training at Dole Cannery. Good stuff, mostly interesting, about Hawaii's history of teachers' unions, and strikes, and our upcoming contract negotiations, which are sure to be exciting, given that we're already at loggerheads with the guv'mint over drug testing (a feature of our current contract - please don't discuss with me how my coworkers voted THAT in) amongst other things. The food at the training was good. Tons of fresh fruit and buttery little pastries at breakfast, and the BEST grilled tofu in a salad, at lunch. Back home, walked dogs with the help and company of P, and then had a weirdly gratifying mac n' cheese dinner with leftover grilled sausages. Knitted and watched the Food Network for hours afterward, which is where I saw that crazy pro-corn syrup commercial.

I have too much to do today, most of it on the domestic front, and some of it should be at school.

To DisKnit: I envy your storms and changeable weather, with all my heart. The pleasant sameness of the weather here is one of the things that grinds me down here in Hawaii. Now there's no way to say this without sounding like a complete ingrate, but you regular readers are long-accustomed to my whingeing about how life in HI ain't paradise. As a woman who is obsessed with the weather, I say 365 days a year of sunny, breezy with a soft morning rain, and one that comes at 5pm each day, and a temperature that usually hovers around 84 degrees is damned monotonous. Now I don't want to invoke another 43 days of steady rain, which happened my first winter here with all this complaining, but the weather is boring me to tears right now. I'm sure that Moon would chime in here with the same pitiful whinge. It's hard to grow up in a land of seasonal change and then do without it. I think it contributes to that vaguely ungrounded state I find myself in, more often than not, here. In VA, I always felt anchored to the rhythms of earth, maybe because it was the geography of my childhood. I know that I read the same longing for the landscape of the familiar in Mokihana's writing, even as she lives in rural Oregon, getting all the seasonal change she can stand, LOL.

Time to get movin'. Gonna clean out my nasty car, and do some laundry.


Moon said...

Hell yea and an AMEN sister!
For a momnet there I thought you and I were sharing the same brain!
The lack of storms and seasonal changes have sucked my will to live... ;0)
Now Im going to watch the weather channel and pretend I am anywhere but here.
xoxo me

Mokihana said...

Yeah, I longed for the familiar on our two drives to California in the past two months. I longed for the green, the forests, the firs, the wonderful Oregon skies and the unpredictable weather. I love the changing seasons, the colors of gold and red in the fall, the cool, crisp air. I even love the rain here.

That said...I also long for ku'u one hânau, the sands of my birth. The surprise showers, watching them cruise their way down the walls of Mânoa Valley, being on a bus in pouring rain and stepping out into sunshine. (My middle name talks of the Mânoa Valley rain, Tuahine.) Endless days at the beach or riding my horse in the sunshine...

If I could, I would spend part time here in Oregon and the rest of the time back home in the sunshine, the predictable sunshine.

Opal said...

I love Hawaii. I love the food. I love the culture. Having said that, I totally agree with you about the weather. It does indeed get "damned monotonous". I think this is why so many people get island fever.

Reya Mellicker said...

I've seen the high fructose corn syrup is fine ads here, too.

Sure, it's great. Just look around at all the hugely fat Americans who have Diabetes and other complications from their "moderate" intake of HFCS.

It's so corrupt, and greedy, to promote it.

The ads do show very clearly how stupid Americans are, though.