Saturday, September 27, 2008

DisKnit: Nine minutes and Nine things

1. Pasta on for my homemade pesto sauce, first cooking in days. So it is the limit on my posting.
2. Legs has over 19 mosquitoes bites from chatting with the neighbor. Apparently the mayor didn't want to spray for larvae this year, so it is quite amazing.
3. Crafty Bastards is tomorrow and Kim is not going to be here for my first time since I returned to Washington.
4. I am demoing knitting and crocheting for Craft Mutiny tomorrow and am mostly worrying about what to wear.
5. The condo rat project has started. The holly tree is in pieces, the back area shrubs are gone. Rats are displaced and hopefully finding new homes.
6. Carrie Fisher's show, Wishful Drinking, is good and funny and if it comes to your area you should see it.
7. I finally have an interview for a promotion after 4 months of waiting on the short list.
8. I might go to Portland for thanksgiving.
9. I might have time for some pictures of fall things and the tree project and knitting if the buzzer doesn't go off.
Not very late night photos:
The Tree is Gone
The Mum's are in the Windows.
The Lovely Solitude Wool Scarf is ready for Winter

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k-brow said...

Pretty scarf!! Bring on the winter, especially as it'll kill of the skeeters!