Saturday, August 02, 2008

k-brow: low of mojo, red of head.

A little rain blows in off the Pali. It's been hot today, and the breeze is suddenly cool. I'm drinking iced peppermint tea and trying to get up the gumption to bathe the dogs, both of whom are still dirty and in need of haircuts.

Little knitting mojo of late, driven out by the all-consuming job and some mysteriously aching wrists. My theory is that it's all the writing on the damn chalkboard. A funny, if lame excuse. Both sweaters seem stalled in the "half-a-front+2 sleeves-to-go" stage. You know... the one where 2 weeks of effort and a little finishing would render me a sweater, but I can't seem to pull it off.

I've been coloring my hair this summer. Now everyone in my family is plagued/blessed with rather premature silver. Though at this point, we're all pretty mature, I assure you. I sported a liberal frosting of grey hair in high school, and once in college, began to dye it, first with henna, and then various boxed potions. Every shade of red, brown and color-in-between. When I turned 40, I decided to cut all the dye out and see what I had naturally. Silvery on top and a lot of salt and pepper at the sides. I maintained this for a few years, but this spring, I started to want to see a little color up top again. So I mentioned this to my hairdresser, and she was all over it. I was thinking brown, she was thinking strawberry blonde. I let her have her way in June, and she turned me gingery red with blonde highlights, which came out well, if a bit surprisingly light. Today, she decided I needed to go brighter, so she added some more serious "red." Fun! I like it, and will keep it up for a few months, at least.

Of course my camera's at work, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Happy slightly late Lammas! One of my favorite pagan holidays, the Celebration of the First Harvests. All about summer's bounty coming in, and the waning sun. The sacrifice of the god. Of course here in Hawai'i, we don't see a terribly cold dark winter, but the days are getting slightly shorter. Returning to work has shortened my sense of an endless, brilliant day, anyway. The harvest seems to be bringing nice plums and stone fruits from the mainland, these days, as well as some superb apple bananas. Must be the season. I drew the Hanged Man tarot card the other day, and realized, with a start, that Lammas was upon us.

Earlier this week, a dinner with the NRN, minus one, who could not be with us. Delicious food, wine, and delicious catching up with friends. I skipped knit night on Thursday, which didn't influence the mojo one way or the other, I think. Sometimes, I think, knit night is a joy, and at other times, it feels like just one more place I have to be at a certain time, and not necessarily a soothing culmination to a weary day.

I have been reading, with great relish, these days, the genre of blogs which fascinates me endlessly, the homestead/homeschooling blogs. Two of my favorites are Sarah's Homestead Blog and Handmade Homeschool. Since I am neither a homeschooler nor homesteader, it's a look into a life that could have been. Sarah of the homesteading blog, is a dyer of wool and roving; her Maisy Day handspun is available at Hello Yarn! I believe.

Since the camera's at school, filled with unprinted pix of cheerfully rambunctious 5th graders, I offer you my last Star City Motor Madness memory, the flamin' car in the parking lot. Don't you love these colors?

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blogless michelle said...

that looks like a noro hotrod if ever there was one! take care of those wrists as best you can. and enjoy the season for me. this trip has nearly readied me to relinquish my allegiance to this homeland, that's for sure. it's quite humid out here, but luckily not too hot. sigh. i sure miss hawai'i!