Saturday, August 30, 2008

k-brow: finally growing up?

Work was the tedious grind I expected, not helped by the first migraine in awhile. All my efforts to tame it were to naught, and I mostly just ignored it, as it wasn't too bad til around the time I was leaving. The koigu distraction was soothing and enjoyable, and I was able to spend most of the day knitting and muttering about lessons and what I was teaching next week with the Special Ed teacher. She and I really got quite a lot done, just by sitting in the back of the room and whispering and passing notes about building academic vocab, and whether my reading block was too long, at the expense of my writing block. Later, I got a chance to diffuse a potential heated argument between 2 other teachers with an appeal for us all to be professional and above all, nice to each other. I credit it all to the koigu. Maybe the koigu curse is actually a koigu blessing; it just needed to be knitted up with other skeins of its kind, so its harmonious energy would be released.

It did not heal the migraine, nor did the spicy ahi bento and green tea, which I consumed anyway, because migraines make me hungry as all get out. I eventually came home, and by that time, I was so blinded with pain that I promptly took 2 fioricet and went to bed with the dogs piled all around. Woke up hours later, ate some leftovers and watched a little tv, repaired a little mistake to Minimalist's sleeves, in which I had inadvertently turned the moss stitch into ribbing, as I was watching Barack last night.

On McCain's choice of a running reaction is one of complete "huh?" I don't know whom he's trying to appeal to here. It's just confusing. I hope it triggers a landslide for Barack, but y'know, I've been so wrong and so demoralized, the past 2 elections, that I have to say, I just don't know how the rest of America, ie, my New York and West Virginia relatives, perceive politics and why they vote the way they do, except out of fear and consumerism and desire to maintain some bizarre status quo. Or something. Huh? I'm hoping DisKnit can explain some of this to me, as she is more the Washington cognescenti than I. I wonder if P (on the big island this week) has worked himself into a fit of righteous anger about Palin's environmental record. Apparently she's a big advocate of aerial shooting of wolves, amongst other egregious hunting opinions. I'm not anti-hunting. I'm the daughter of an ardent hunter, back in his day, and I'm still a big fan of eating the wild game, or, as I liked to call it, in Africa, "bush meat. But I am seriously against the loose treatment of animals, wild and tame, as cheap resource commodities. Then, of course, there's her anti-choice attitude. Yup, I think the relatives will be pleased all around.

I feel myself on the verge of a loud, long, profane rant, and y'know, that's just not the way I was raised. It gets me nowhere, and doesn't even make me feel better. This whole realization has been one that's been rattling around in my head, recently. I never would have claimed "ladylike" status, and I generally consider myself a hardcore tomboy with a not-so-secret girly-girl streak a mile wide. But recently, it's hit me that I am fucking sick of all the damn vulgarity, ugliness, and smut that's swirling around in my life right now. Okay, not so much in my life, but on its fringes. Especially that which is pop-culturally sanctioned. Ugh. I don't mind a good well-placed cuss word. Probably I swear too much. I don't mind a risque joke now and then. I'm no prude, not me. But I think I'm feeling the need for some return to wisdom in word choice and just general restraint, especially out in the public realms. Enough already!!

Going to sleep some more now, though the ice pack and the muscle relaxant are doing their job, at last. Hopefully the migraine is not one that sticks around all weekend.

Song of the day: "She's a Lady" by Tom Jones

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Chelsea said...

Something Michael told me he heard yesterday, regarding McCain's choice of Palin:

"I see your black, and I raise you a vagina."

I just don't understand why it was the first one he tripped over...

I suppose it works to our advantage, though; a sensible choice would only make Obama's campaign that much harder. Still.