Wednesday, January 23, 2008

k-brow: fall from grace

I didn't really make any New Year's Resolutions this year, that I shared, anyway. Certainly a resolution to suffer no dog guilt (a central theme in my 2007, as in Wracked By) is one I'm trying to stick to. I guess Death By Vinyasa is another habit I'm trying to build, and on that one, I'm starting to see results. Oh, I'm not thinner or more flexible, but after 3 weeks of 2x/week yoga, I'm starting to feel a wee shard o' bliss instead of agony in those endless rounds of saluting the sun in that crowded gym studio. Last night, I actually felt myself getting a wee bit stronger! So Death By Vinyasa is self-gratifying, at this point, though the big pile of yoga clothing catalogues that seem to be piling into my mailbox these days is just damn annoying. But more on the annoyance later.

I didn't exactly say it aloud, okay, maybe to Blogless Michelle or Acornbud, but I was trying hard to knit from stash and not buy yarn for the coming year. Yeah, you say, let's see her maintain that one... I can practically hear DisKnit snorting her bourbon on that one. She knows, baby, she knows. I was good for exactly 15 days of 2008. I resistedKai's on-sale hemp at Aloha Knitters one night. The next week, I turned down an opportunity to buy some lovely Wollenmeise from Bockstark, who was selling it at a tempting price. My excuse for that was that I was a pretend sock knitter and a struggling lace knitter at best, and so I got out of that one. But Little Knits sent me an email last week advertising astonishing prices on Cashmerino Aran, that coveted, next-to-skin-soft yarn, the one that I've been fantasizing about for so long. I caved so fast...ordered up 13 skeins of the stuff. Don't ask me how I arrived at my numbers, but it cost about $39 per bag, and yeah, yeah, I know I've gone and added more green yarn to my already-abundant collection of green yarn in my stash, but this was true penny-pincher mentality ("I'll never find it again so cheap!!") and the options were orange and fuschia, and I figured a woman can never have too many green sweaters, right? Behold the gorgeousness that is the Cashmerino Aran:

I hope I don't fetishize it to the point of not being able to knit it up without considerable angst.

This is what the Pali looks like today, up the road from our house. I left for work in it, Kailua enjoyed it through my work day, and I came home in this punishing drizzle. The rainbow is cheering, if a bit faint, up here. Still, it's a nice sight, even if the punishing drizzle meant that the dogs had to do with some very feeble excuse for exercise. I brushed them and we played outside a bit, and then I've retired back into the house to wash some dishes and sort through mail, looking for tax documents

Lastly, Cricket has informed me that in spite of my apparent lack of dog guilt in 2008, he is still able to muster a grin at the faint appearance of sunshine.

Happy Hump Day!


Anonymous said...

while i might not have as much green in my stash as you do, i'm pretty sure i covet it as much. kbrow, you gotta call me when you are on the verge of such decisions! cause i might have to go in on 'em w/you! i am pretty sure i have too many neutrals in my stash, so i'll need accents of color to pair with them. without knowing the gauge that green gets, i sure can see it as a snuggly kenobi jacket for...? see you tomorrow, daT

Opal said...

That Cashmerino will make a divine sweater! I can see why you couldn't resist.

Cricket is darling, as always. :)

Acornbud said...

Ooh, that yarn looks scrumptious! Wonder what it will be? The rainbow photo came aout really nice. It's nice it's so cool these days, but a little sun would make me smile, too.