Sunday, January 27, 2008

DisKnit: C is for Crafty Fair and the alphabet game.

Hey fans, there's a mini-Craft Bastard coming up in DC next weekend February 3rd and woolarina will be there and any yarn with Pink in it is 20% off. So let me know if you "need" me to collect anything for you.

So those of you on Paradise Island you can browse the fair here.

I just have to walk a couple of blocks over to Meridian Hill. Okay, that was a little mean, but . . . KBrow was dissing the street noise in my 'hood and I had to throw one back.


mysticalfeet said...

r-r-r-r-r-...Enjoy the crafty fair. The Alphabet game was part of a Ravelry group I joined...I've got another week to actually come up with a B and here you've gone and done it for me. Yay for ambitious co-bloggers!

Your neighborhood is insanely loud at crazy hours of the night! Even jetlag couldn't drown the revelry on the streets out! Though I do admit some jealousy at how close and walkable everything is. Some of P's coworkers don't find Nuuanu so liveable b/c of how far (5 minutes by car) everything is. Pah! Peace. Green. Cool fog. Netflix and careful grocery shopping/cooking/use of the freezer and a well-stocked home bar make it all work. And I am less far out than DaTwine, who truly lives in the boonies here on Paradise Island.

blogless michelle / datwine said...

aloha from the boondocks! thanks for the shout-out, kbrow. as you know (but disknit might not), i make sure to consolidate my town-based errands for a whirlwild visit at least once a week, and it seems to work just fine. and besides, from here, i can walk to a shrimp shack!