Thursday, January 03, 2008

DisKnit: Ravelry vs. Family Revels (1-0)

Above be the project I pretended to work on while four of us brought together by the wonders of ravelry talked last night. Despite the efforts of some souls who thought we should leave my sacred neighborhood boundaries we gathered only a few blocks from the center of [my] life. Everyone was entertaining. The service at the local Cosi was as bad as I've come to expect, but they didn't bug us to order more. Two of the attendees were on the consume less theory, so that was pleasing. I was not in such a state since I'd gotten to work late, rushed home to walk the dog, and wanted food. Still it was better than being harassed by irritated staff. The project above is the selfish knitting inspired by a trip to my original yarn store (now mecca): Webs (aka: Mom bought me enough of the pretty green stuff for a sweater, inspiring me to drop all other knitting in favor of swatching. The idea is to the base of a sweater inspired by the interweave Bonsai Tunic, but switch to a different top.

So to return to the wonders of ravelry which I know KBrow has been disdaining but to which . . . I have finally figured out. Here's why it is so fantastic: you look up a pattern you are considering and see multiple pictures of the patterns on people with different body shapes. If every catalog did this, none of us would buy clothes online anymore. But for the thinking knitter, then you can start figuring. Yes, the lace pattern, and the loose part over the hips is good, but none of that deep v-neck that just doesn't work and requires careful thinking about tops. No, no. Instead, I'll keep the fitted part under the bust, but then do a U-Neck, and long sleeves. I do live somewhere where it is damn cold right now, so . . . sleeves are key. I haven't done all the figuring yet, but . . . it should work, and allow me to stay on the sacred circular needles. There is, of course, the father's aran sweater but . . . I am in need of some selfish anticipation.

So Ravelry wins because 1) it let me has a nice social knitting nite last night and 2) is letting me compose my pattern.

And Family revels well. Stress. Curtis liked the snow, but there are no pictures of him in the snow. Revealing, I think. My grandfather is a remarkable 100 year old man now. But . . . parties for 100 year old men are . . . difficult.

My brother and mother liked their scarves (mom, even finished her own, she knew I was stressed):

Mom's sweater below the scarf is one she knitted herself. I bought her at webs some yarn for a hat like I made Patty (felted Drops pattern) and a cupcake hat for one of her great grandchildren (remarriage explains it). Otherwise, I will not discuss so called family revels. I am in sore need of a selfish vacation to go with selfish knitting.

Brother's is one I frogged and reknit with the convenient "hole" for wrapping while biking. Here he is in acrylic glory:

So those of you who want to find me on ravelry I am DisKnit. Those of you who want to disdain it, you know I am all for disdain. Meanwhile, I wonder if I care what happened in Iowa? Why should I? I am the DisEnfranchised Knitter after all.


mysticalfeet said...

Oh I am all about the Ravelry, now that I've got my invite. I'm currently hosting family revels and let me tell you, 9 days is just too long to balance the mother, the aunt, the dogs and the husband, not to mention my own need for unmolested downtime. I am about to snap, let me tell you!

Any assistance you can provide by amusing me, would be greatly appreciated.

Will Ravelry help?

LA said...

Happy New Year, hon!

I am delighted by the idea of selfish knitting! For me it will be selfish crocheting, but the idea of making something for myself thrills. I never have. Dozens of afghans, scarves, hats, doilies, etc, and not one have I set out to make for myself. I ended up keeping one afghan (the intended recipient hated it) but nothing made for me on purpose. Thanks! I am taking your idea and sprinting away with it, gleefully waving it over my head and cackling.

Good luck with the visitors, even with people you love 9 days is a loooooong time. ~LA

Opal said...

You've cited all the reasons I adore Ravelry. You also remind me that I should probably model more of my sweaters on my body rather then on a hanger. Ooops.