Friday, January 25, 2008

DisKnit: B is for Blessings.

Hi all,

KBrow has been doing the heavy lifting around here, and I'm obliged to try to make up a little bit of blather to amuse you all. I am sitting in an apartment reeking of smoke because in a romantic gesture I lit a fire loglast night, but in a brainless gesture I didn't open the flue. Oh well. I have candles lit and a nice dog who will hopefully eventually take over the fire log smell or I'll just start spraying perfume everywhere and see what smell comes from that blends.

Still, I've got to note some blessings I've received lately. Erin Galvez, a dear friend formerly of Sacramento now of Portland, Oregon sent me this painting last week. It was partly in exchange to my handing over of what she calls "vinyl" before my move from Sacramento. The pictures can only do a little justice, but it is now hanging a place of honor in my bedroom:
Sacramento Valley by Erin Galvez Close up Erin Galvez's Sacramento Valley

And then my dad and stepmother went to Ethiopia recently and just sent me this weaving which is in all my favorite colors (orange for accent) and it going to have a place of honor in what is called the green sofa room (KBrow can testify to its value):
All I want to do is to order yarn in these colors and make a sweater to match.

But, I slogged away over MLK weekend on the blessing of the neckline on the aran. I do not yet have pictures of success, but I have pictures of the first cuts, the second (bad) attempt at a new neckline and the confidence to say I think my new approach may work:
Notice the steek stitching as suggest by Chelsea and many a ravelry member. In fact this first attempt turn out to be too timid and I had to cut more. But first I did a K1P1 ribbing on the collar and it looked bad (I mean I looked bad, but it did too):
P1210022 P1210027
It was too many stitches and it just didn't work. So I ripped out, cut down some more, and have cast back on with fewer stitches and I'm continuing the cable pattern from the sweater. Test have suggested the method is good. But I'm knitting in worsted on a size 3 US needle and it hurts.

Another blessing is my housecleaners brought me wine as a post-holiday gift. Is that a mixture of sweet and scary? Yet another blessing is that I received a performance bonus and managed to refinance my (smoky) house at a very fortuitous time. So now I must pour some more wine, pick up the aran, and go torture my fingers in the relatively smoke-free green sofa room.

notice NO report on the weather or my mood!


blogless michelle / datwine said...

valiant effort on the reworking of the neck...i'm glad to hear you're reworking the reworking and learning plenty along the way. it WILL work out, and beautifully, i'm sure. while sometimes i pine for a fireplace in my home here in hawai'i (i've been shivering up a storm while nighttime temps have dipped into the 50s), i'm sure i would have made the flue mistake as well. let me guess - smoky undertones in the wine? and is that painting acrylic or oil? either way, i like it!

mysticalfeet said...

I love the green sofa room, if not the ambient noise of Adams-Morgan, DC which by day, is a true blessing. I know, you always have to hear me kvetch about the noise level, comparative to Nuuanu's suburban silence. Worsted on a US3?! Did you do your whole sweater like that?! I am stunned.
Sending blessings for your poor sore fingers and the smoky stink. Wine helps everything.