Thursday, March 01, 2007


Still sick. No voice now. Doctor was encouraging, saying that I needed to live through it, but that she could prescribe me things to help me do that. So now I have a powerful arsenal of decongestants, codeine and painkillers to ease my way. I'm okay with antibiotics not being prescribed for something viral. I'm also fine with just laying around the house in a morphine-induced fog, though it does hamper my knitting somewhat. My co-teacher is fretting at my absence, though. I have to keep reminding her of her own various absences and spells of the vapors when she gets riled up. Gah! Besides, since I continue to do most of the actual teaching, while she does most of the recordkeeping/grading/admin stuff, my voice is crucial. I know it's the burden of teaching on top of that that bums her out, as my sub is not a great teacher. But she's gotta suck it up til I can speak again without sounding like an unhappy frog.

It's a nice sunny day for once here in Nuuanu. Makes me wish I felt like getting out in it for some more active pursuit beyond sitting on the deck drinking orange juice.

In honor of all this sunshine, I bring you my long-neglected, now recently picked-up Rosedale. Progress is slow, but enjoyable. Blogless Michelle likened this colorway to tropical fruits, and I can see that. Note the mango-colored intarsia block. I'm a little tired of the intarsia, and to be quite honest, am not sure it really adds anything to the sweater. I am happy to have tried the technique, but it isn't anything I feel strongly about. Maybe it's just the codeine that's making me feel like anything beyond straight stockinette is too much trouble. pleh....gonna go drink some more tea now.

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Opal said...

I hope you feel better soon. I missed you tonight. You're Rosedale is looking great. I think that straight stockinette is great when sick.