Thursday, March 22, 2007

frog street and other miracles

* Just a note about my last post...if you click on the photo of the circus tent, you'll see that there's a tightrope walker at the neighborhood circus. I didn't really realize it when I posted the shot, but found it by accident, playing around in iPhoto the other day. It's convincing me that life is full of strange and wonderful surprises, that we might just pass by.

Happy Ostara to one and all! I am off to celebrate in a solitary ritual in a wee bit, though I've already planted the 3 baby rosemary plants outside in the sun. It's funny how very SPRING it feels here in the land of balmy breezes and overgrown green. Rains feel softer. The sun is warming up nicely.

Stephanie asked in my last entry comments "what the heck is frogging?" and to answer that question, I provide here the remnants of poor mohair Kiri, mid-frog. I think the term "frog" came from the phrase "rip it".

So a half-knitted shawl becomes this messy pile of re-usable yarn:

I fell in love with that Jo Sharp mohair all over again, ripping out the Kiri shawl. Gotta find a good use for it. The colors enchant me.

Last week I was driving in the Liliha area, and I crossed a street entitled Frog Street. I wanted to turn up it, but was late for a school function. I've gotta go back and snap a pic of the sign. What a great name for a knit blog; Frog Street. Any takers? Michelle?

And now, in the category of Thrilling Me To No End, we have this award winner:

Each night, a tiny square, a wee glass of cabernet, and I'm in heaven. It takes so little, I'm telling you. That, and the new Netflix account, promising me "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Art School Confidential" within the week. That and my friend Leah's visit, coming up tomorrow, which should ignite a firestorm of tarot reading, hiking and general tasting of the rainbow anew. Yum.

Maybe I'll even get my knitting mojo back...


Opal said...

Oh that mohair is divine. Have you seen the pattern Wing O' The Moth?

I have yet to see Little Miss Sunshine. Thanks for reminding me!

Michelle said...

ooh, ms knittedbrow, you are really, really tempting this bloglessmichelle to become ms frogstreet! love it! can you reserve that domain for me while i work up some blogging mojo? ; )

Reya Mellicker said...

Dark chocolate is one of the new "superfoods," you know, as is red wine. You're bound to get your knitting mojo back.

How cool about the tightrope walker! I love the incredible, complex beauty of our crazy reality.

Happiest spring to you!

LA said...

Raspberries in dark chocolate? I just drooled down my chin. ~LA

Rebecca Clayton said...

Unraveling mohair can be a challenge. It's great you're getting it to work.

(I get those perimenipausal migraines too....My grandmother's migraines went away after menopause--something to look forward to!)

Stephanie said...

Hmmm, my aunt (the one who is teaching me to knit) says I shouldn't re-use yarn after I rip something apart. Is she wrong? (Ribbit. Sorry, I couldn't resist!)