Friday, March 16, 2007

barbecue dreams and a lost mojo

In attempt to hunt down my knitting mojo, I took advantage of my 4:30am awakening to grind away on my second blue sock. No inspiration, but it was cozy in the bed, the coffee was cheering and I got a bit done. I am about 1/2 an inch from starting on the heel flap. I'm thinking my Friday night dose of tivo'd tv, and Boston's pizza (aren't I an exciting woman?) should render this puppy well on its way to being a pair of socks. The mojo's been MIA for a couple of weeks now, as I fret and pout and want to start new projects, but have so much stuff on the needles that I won't allow it til some things get finished. I am going to frog Kiri. I want that Jo Sharp mohair for something else and Kiri was never meant to be done in such a fat sheddy yarn. Mostly I just want the feeling of obligation to finish it off my back.

I was slated to join P in Portland, Oregon this weekend, for four fun-filled days, a kickoff to my 2 week spring break. But an airfare which raised itself $300 over its already splurgy price nixxed that conjugal visit. Sigh...I am alone for another week, but having no school frees me up to follow my bliss, so I am looking forward to THAT. Still, time off the island, bonding with the man, plus the general joys of Portland, and the promise of brewpubs, multiple swanky yarn stores, plus Target and Trader Joe's was something I was excited about. Last night I had a dream of being in a restaurant with my West Virginia cousins, and I was trying to decide what to order. It was a barbecue place and I was struggling to decide between sauces and styles. Texas style? Memphis style? Carolina style? Of course it was only a dream, because in Real Life I would always go for Carolina barbecue, with its vinegary mustardy bite betraying my southern roots. Funny thing about the West Virginians...we ran all over the Ohio/Kentucky border a few years back, trying to track down this very famous barbecue pit, as part of my family's rare and wonderful mother-daughter road trip.

Someone in my neighborhood is tenting their house for termites! It looks like the circus has come to town.


Opal said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't able to go to Oregon and it's too bad the circus really isn't in town!

I've had the itch to start new projects as well. Could it be spring fever?

Anonymous said...

weird -- i left a comment earlier today but it hasn't appeared. are you censoring me?!

in it i said that the swedish circus (yellow and blue tent) was in my neighborhood earlier this week. is this termite season?

what else...trader joe's. since your trip to traderjoeland was foiled, i think you should enlist the man to bring home for you as many of the treats you would have enjoyed there as possible. i've been rationing the trader joe's products brought by visitors, and thought it wise to distribute the dried dragonfruit between multiple batches of scones. i also recommend the ginger chews and mexican hot chocolate mix.

hope that mojo starts workin' again during your spring break. if you frogged kiri that means your needles can now take on a lady eleanor, right? the squares and triangles are fun fun fun, especially as the noro colorways unfold and build up like a stained glass window.

hope to see you wearing your beautiful tropical fruit rosedale next time we see you at mj.

-blogless michelle

Acornbud said...

Sigh, no Trader Joes. I'm with the blogless one to enlist the big man to haul back the treats. It must be your destiny to finish Rosedale and the socks! Poor Kiri, but it must feel good to move on:)

Reya Mellicker said...

What? In your dream you weren't mulling over the possibility of Kansas City barbeque? My hometown is famous for its own distinctive style, a hint of sweet and a whole lot of spice. We Kansas Citians are very proud of our barbeque, obviously.

Wishing you a trip to the mainland sooner rather than later. Sounds like you need a break from the islands. Glad you're over your cold!

Stephanie said...

What the heck is frogging?

LA said...

Boo on losing the trip to Portland. YAY for finishing projects, time off, and silly circus tents! (even if their purpose is ewwy) ~LA