Sunday, March 04, 2007

2 little rants

Bad menstrual migraine this morning, requiring excedrin, total darkness, ice pack and ginger and complete stillness to treat. Plus reiki, as best as I could give it, and the comfort of dogs. Hours later, and I am somewhat better. My health is giving me fits these days, with one damn thing after another, seems to point to an imbalance of sorts. I think I need to go see an acupuncturist, for some sort of major chi unblocking or something. Yick. Always headachy, I didn't used to get these headaches tied to my period in the past. Is this a part of growing older? Is it a perimenopause thing? I am normally philosophical about my changing body but this predictable monthly migraine thing is a pain in the ass, not to mention the head. Arrrgh. What's more, it's a time waster. I had a long hike planned this morning, and now it's off. Happily, I am feeling more like myself, my 2 days of complete silence are doing me worlds of good, and the house is clean, more or less, allowing me to enjoy today's diet of grading papers, dog bathing and knitting, not to mention the Sunday night cable fare of "Rome" and "The L Word".

And now for something comletely different...a "Pride and Prejudice" rant. Does anyone out there besides me think that the part in the story where Lydia runs off with Wickham is just a big useless distraction? Yeah, we know Wickham's a cad, and Lydia is a shameless flirt, but really, Lizzie and Darcy have already more or less made up, and this silly elopement on Lydia's part is bothersome. We don't need it as a plot device, Wickham's misuse of Darcy's sister has already convinced us that he's no good, and Darcy has redeemed himself by getting all wet in the pond and such...okay, it's clear that Jane Austen's efforts are pearls before swine, in my case, but I'm just saying...

So we all know what I did yesterday. Knitted, ripped (I made a big mistake on the intarsia of Rosedale and had to correct it)and watched the BBC's version of "Pride and Prejudice" in its entirety. I also made some most excellent split pea with ham soup, and brushed the dogs. In complete silence.

Now, I'm going quietly about my business.


Opal said...

I do think that the whole elopement was terribly distracting. I always thought that it had some hidden and subtle meaning that my poor uneducated mind couldn't catch. :-)

I'm sorry to hear about the trip to the frog pond and all the health issues. I hope you start feeling better pronto.

Reya Mellicker said...

I love the segue from menstrual migraines to Pride and Prejudice. Perfect.

If I were you, I'd go for acupuncture. And, too, some years I get 6 colds in a row, then for the next 2 years, nothing. I believe these fits of bad health might just be part of our human rhythms.

Not too pleasant, though, when you're in the middle of one of these bouts. Sending you reiki and hoping you're soon feeling much better!