Thursday, September 03, 2009

k-brow: moth and owl and little else

Last week, I saw a fluttering in the backyard. I thought it was a small bird, and went out to investigate, and found this guy:
I put him up on the side of the house for a better shot. It's a Tuliptree Silkmoth, a male. Callosamia angulifera by any other name. Handsome, no?

We also heard a Barred Owl, last night, verified with the iPhone birdcall application. Very cool. I'd heard screech owls in the area, a few weeks ago, but was thrilled with "who, who cooks for you? Who cooks for you?" call of one of my favorite owls.

I wish I had happy news to share about Pink Ariann...I couldn't figure out which size to knit. I'm torn between a 38 and a 40, and have a track record of knitting sweaters too big for me. My front porch is size 38, but I wanted some ease, but didn't want to swim in it. I cast on for the 40, but was knitting in on #6 needles, to reduce its size a scooch. But alas, the fabric I was getting was just too stiff. I hadn't swatched (I know, I know...) but Chris convinced me that maybe I needed to stop all this dithering and start with a swatch. I did so on #7's and got gauge, as I knew I would. I think I'm gonna knit the 38. It's lace of a sort, and will open up a bit, I think.

So back to casting-on couch.
Progress pix tomorrow, I hope!


Barbara said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed:)

Mokihana said...

That is a gorgeous moth! Thanks for posting the photo. I don't know if we have barred owls here, but I do hear Western Screeches and if I'm really lucky, a Great Horned Owl or two calling to each other. I love it!!